People's representatives solving local problems

Published On: July 15, 2018 01:44 PM NPT

KANCHANPUR, July 15: The locals from Bailakundi of Krishnapur Municipality-4 in the district have been elated after their representatives began working for the upgrading of the local road. 

The road left unrepaired for long was causing inconvenience to them. But now, they have felt easy for mobility, and for taking sick ones to health posts, and children to schools and ferrying agro products to the market. 

Ambulance was not accessed to the village for not having motorable road. 

"Earlier, the local bodies used to act as if it was ignorant of the presence of people in Bailkundi," a local Sitaram Chaudhari said, adding, "After the election, people's representatives have begun addressing our problems and coordinate for developments in village." 

Even the people became active to share their problems with the representatives. Entire settlement is of free Kamaiyas. 

Another thing bringing happiness to them is that the land revenue they had been paying was waived. 

Another local Ramcharan Rana said, "We've improved seeds, pesticides and fertilizers in subsidy." 

Moreover, most of the houses have been supplied electricity, while expansion is continuous for the remaining households. 

However, they are worrying about the upgrading of the basic school in the locality, which runs up to grade 3. "As the children are bound to walk a long distance for higher classes, we've requested the local representatives to ensure the upgrading of the existing school," said Buddhi Ram Chaudhary. RSS


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