People quit job mostly for better opportunity

Published On: March 20, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

What would make you quit your job? How difficult is it to work while still in college?

Ayush Thapa
Diploma graduate

The place where I worked was far from my college and home. It was difficult to manage my time for work and college. I had to quit the job because I couldn’t manage my time between the assignments. If you want to work and attend classes at the same time, you need to have better time management skills.

Binita Shrestha
Undergraduate student

Lack of friendly work environment would make me quit my job. Sometimes you just can’t get along with your colleague or boss. This creates a hostile environment at work place and nobody would want to work in a place where you are not respected. To work while in college is difficult and you will have to learn to make time for assignments and meetings. When the company doesn’t grant a day off during exams, it makes difficult to work.

Bidhyalaxmi Maharjan
High school student

I would quit my job if I get a better opportunity and a job which allows me to do exactly what I want to do. I wouldn’t say that working while college is exactly difficult because it depends upon a person’s college timing and their ability to multi task and manage time for both college assignments and work presentation.

Bimala Joshi Bhatta
Psycho-social counselor

It is through working experience that we can sharpen our skills. If the job doesn’t allow me with a space to grow and achieve further knowledge, I would leave the job right away and seek to do something else that would be more satisfying to me. And if the job only has high salary and isn’t satisfying, it would be a waste of time to continue such job. It is difficult to work while being in college since there are different deadlines and priorities both at work place and also at college. And in such condition, doing one work at a time is the best alternative. 

Suchitra Thapa
Undergraduate Student

Your job is supposed to be for both professional and personal growth. It provides a platform where the skills are recognized and also where the qualities are harnessed and groomed. You work is also a platform for exposure to an outside world, to new techniques and modern values of working. If a job opportunity does not provide such a platform, I would prefer to walk away from the job and find another opportunity where such exposure would be possible. It definitely is difficult to maintain work-life balance while doing a full phased job since there are different priorities and responsibilities, both in personal and professional life. There has to be a balance which allows one to enjoy and complete both the responsibilities. If the balance is broken, it is really tough to go on. 

Nisha Ghimire, 
Social worker

Job means lots of responsibilities. It would be difficult to continue working hard work and labor are not well incentivized. In our society, job is taken more as compulsion, the employees are made to work night and day but in the end they are paid relatively low. Since an individual puts in lots of time and effort to fulfill their responsibility, I feel it is important that they are paid well so that they can sustain a prosperous life. It is hard to be work and study at the same time, but this provides practical learning experience. If an individual can manage time efficiently, working while in college would provide a brilliant opportunity to gain practical knowledge. 

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