Pathology margadarshan: A book that simplifies complex technical knowledge of medicine

Published On: May 3, 2023 04:38 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

KATHMANDU, May 3: There was a time when the book ‘Doctor nahuda’ was really helpful for many when it came to getting medical information in Nepali language. The book of about five hundred pages was a must-read for every aware and educated family. That book played a significant role in providing information and knowledge about primary health.

For a long time, no one made such an effort in the Nepali language. In recent times, the process of creating medical literature is aggressively growing. Whether it is 'Morphine' written by Laxman Adhikari in the form of story or 'Hridaya' by Bhagawan Koirala in an autobiographical form, 'Mutu Sanga Sahayatra' by Abani Bhushan Upadhyaya and others, all these books advance medical literature.

Meanwhile, a non-narrative work 'Pathology margadarshan' is out in the market. This book written by Dr Keyoor Gautam is different and a little more technical than the above creations. And, perhaps, this is its beauty. This book presents the complex and technical aspects of the medical field in simple language in a simplified manner. To acknowledge this, Dr Keyoor Gautam, the initiator, deserves gratitude. This book is also important because the students who are studying medical science, the new generation who have completed their studies and are engaged in medical practice have found a solid reading material in the Nepali language.

The perception that all books written in English are serious and all books written in the Nepali language are frivolous exists in the Nepali society. It is not that the Nepali-English-Nepali vocabulary used in the book is not laughable, awkward or uncomfortable in some cases. Lately, we have started to use English vocabulary more in practice and in some cases, the problem of not understanding the vocabulary if it is written in Nepali has started to increase. In this case, trying to explain complex medical literature in the Nepali language in a simplified manner, which on top of all is also a subject that is used in the pathology laboratory, is definitely a commendable aspect.


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