Nuwakot DAO continues relief distribution to war victims

Published On: June 28, 2018 11:53 AM NPT

NUWAKOT, June 28: The District Administration Office, Nuwakot continues distribution of relief amount to those abducted and displaced during the Maoist decade long insurgency. Each person who was abducted and kept in confinement for more than 30 days during the rebel is entitled to Rs 25,000 in relief.

The DAO has received additional over Rs 40 million provided by the government to distribute to the war victims for the current fiscal year, said Chief District Officer Uddhav Thapa. 

"We asked for additional relief amount as some war victims were returned empty-handed for want of budget in the first phase," he said. 

One conflict victim needs to be enlisted on the name list of a Special Taskforce to collect data of the persons, families and structures affect by the conflict, and is required to get recommendation from the respect ward office, have a citizenship certificate and a birth registration card in case of a minor, and relation verification in case of more than one victim from a single family to claim the relief amount. 

According to the Taskforce, around 1,700 people from 466 families were displaced, and 517 abducted during the insurgency. RSS

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