Nepalis splurging on trendy clothings

Published On: June 15, 2017 04:30 AM NPT By: Muna Sunuwar

KATHMANDU, June 14: What comes to your mind when you think of summer? For an average person, it is the season of scorching heat but for fashionistas, it is the season to try out the new trends in the fashion world.

Traders say Nepali people have evolved into trendy shoppers in recent years. Summer not only excites shopaholics, but also businesspersons who bring latest trends in the fashion world to Nepal.  One of the benefits of summer is the sale of summer clothes which come in different styles every other season. Sanjiv Rayamajhi, the owner of S S Fashion, Ranjana Complex, New Road, is excited for his business is going pretty well. “The concept of male fashion world is changing. People are now aware that even men can wear stylish clothes which did not exist in the past. Men's tank tops and shorts are flying off the shelves,” he added.

Niraj Nepali, a Khichapokhari-based wholesaler who has been in the clothing industry for eight years, shares that Nepalis have adapted styles from western countries. “The trend is ever-changing. What was popular few months ago won't be in demand for long. Customers want new, but they fail to notice that the trend encircles with some touch ups,” he said, adding: “For example, grunge pants, loose clothes and plain tees were popular in 1980s and 1990s. It has come to the notice of women now and the demand is higher than ever.”
It is said that women show their interest in fashion from early age. The statement is not valid anymore, as kids nowadays ask for more than a piece of cloth to cover their bodies. The exposure to media has introduced kids' fashion to the children. “They now know the designs and the brands. Kids today come and demand for clothes they have seen in movies,” said Mohan Sangroula, another wholesaler at the Ranjana Complex. “In my 15 years in clothing business, I have seen people become conscious about quality. Only style cannot satisfy them, they want high quality products,” he added further.

While fancy clothes are finding customers with ease traditional attires like kurtis are also doing fine in the market. Raven and georgette kurtis get customers easily as they are appropriate for summer. Sudarshan Timalsina, a New Road-based shopkeeper who has been selling kurtis for the past 10 years, feels that even the demand for Nepal-made kurtis is high. “About 40 percent of kurtis in my shop have been made locally, and remaining 60 percent imported from India. The demand for Nepali products is on the rise, thanks to better finishing and use of quality materials,” he added.

Most of the clothes trending in Nepal are imported from China. Some wholesalers opt to import from Bangladesh and India as well. 

Traders say Nepali products are not considered up to the mark compared to international products. Color run, neglected finishing and use of low quality fabrics are the main lacunas of Nepali products. With people splurging on latest fashion trends, it is high time Nepali apparel manufacturers produced quality clothing materials and do good business.

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