Nepalis in Japan fearful due to coronavirus

Published On: March 29, 2020 10:14 PM NPT By: RSS

TOKYO, March 29: Ganesh Khaniya Nepalis living in Japan are living amid threats of coronavirus outbreak as it is fast spreading across the world including Japan.

In Japan, 65 people have died from the infection and approximately 2,539 people have been infected, according to the available data.

Japan is reporting 40 to 50 new infection cases in a single city on a daily basis, it has been said. The Governor of Japan has appealed to all living in Japan to stay calm and exercise restraint as the situation is becoming serious and critical due to the infection.

There are approximately 100,000 Nepalis in Japan. However, no Nepali is reported to have been infected so far, said Alija KC, member of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), Japan.

Saying NRNA, Japan would rescue and assist any Nepali in difficulty, she has urged Nepalis in Japan to come in contact.

Dilu Khatri, who runs seven restaurants in Japan, said he had been receiving a negligible number of customers these days due to the infection. He hired around 50 employees to run his restaurants and he said he let those employees who worked as part-timers off work as a result.

Kesharman Karki of Dolakha narrated a similar story. Karki, who owns two restaurants, one in Funabashi and another in Synagogue, said he had been receiving a small number of customers these days. He said he has been facing difficulties to cover daily expenses on the restaurants as business went down due to the infection. He said he pays approximately Rs 300,000 as rent to run his restaurants.

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