Nepali film star Anmol KC arrested amidst controversy surrounding 'Rawayan' movie production

Published On: September 30, 2023 01:01 PM NPT By: Arun Bam

KATHMANDU, Sept 30: Popular Nepali film actor Anmol KC has found himself in legal trouble as he was taken into custody by the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office. The arrest comes in the wake of a heated controversy surrounding the movie 'Rawayan,' which was slated for production under the Sudarshan Thapa Production Company banner.

On Friday, the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office acted on a complaint filed against KC for alleged "criminal treachery." SP Rabindra Regmi, the spokesperson for the office, confirmed, "On Friday, a complaint was filed against a film producer for criminal treachery."

The complaint was filed by Supriya Katuwal, the producer of 'Rawayan' and the executive director of Sudarshan Thapa Production Company. Katuwal alleges that KC's actions have placed the movie's production and a substantial investment of Rs 10.5 million in jeopardy.

"We've already incurred pre-production expenses of NPR 1.5 million, and contracts were in place for 70 actors and production staff, with filming scheduled to commence last Friday," said Katuwal. "However, just as everything was set, he attempted to back out at the last minute through deceitful means. We filed this complaint to address the losses incurred due to his actions."

According to Katuwal, KC had agreed to play the lead role in 'Rawayan,' featuring a double role, on July 16. She also disclosed that she provided him with an advance payment of NPR 1 million on the same day, which he withdrew from Siddhartha Bank two weeks later.

"All decisions, from casting other actors to scripting, location scouting, and pre-production work, were made in accordance with the agreement and in consultation with his family," Katuwal emphasized.

However, Katuwal noted that Anmol KC's attitude began to change abruptly after September 22. He expressed dissatisfaction with the script of 'Rawayan' and publicly stated he would not proceed until it met his standards. In a Facebook post, he asserted, "I won't rush into filming until I'm completely satisfied with the script. Regardless of delays, my sole focus is ensuring the project's success. I won't succumb to any pressure or rush."

In contrast, Katuwal accused Anmol KC of dishonesty and undermining her film. She asserted that legal action became necessary when it became evident that the star's actions were detrimental to the film industry itself.

It's worth noting that Anmol KC is reportedly committed to working on two other films, 'Farky Farky' and 'Jerry on Top,' during this period. Sources suggest that he cited the pressures of these projects as the reason for his inability to commit time to 'Rawayan.'

The charge of criminal betrayal against KC falls under section 252 of the Criminal Code Act, 2074, paragraph 21, sub-section (2) (b). This section deems it an offense for an individual who has agreed to manage another's business or has a legal duty to act contrary to their duty, resulting in harm, loss, or damage to the other party.


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