Nepal Telecom former MD Adhikari revealed to have accepted bribe money in dollars under his wife’s name

Published On: May 24, 2024 12:08 PM NPT By: Tapendra Karki

Scam in international call earnings

KATHMANDU, May 24: Recent reports reveal that bribe money was paid and deposited in foreign banks involving Dilliram Adhikari, the former managing director (MD) of Nepal Telecom. It has been discovered that Adhikari accepted bribes in dollars under his wife Indu Dhakal's name. A voucher indicates that Japan's Ocean Technology Limited sent $2,924 as a bribe every month.

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has initiated an investigation into the money received by the former MD of Nepal Telecom, Sunil Paudel, in Singapore, while Adhikari’s case has already reached the court.

The CIAA suspects Adhikari of causing organizational damage for personal gain. Sources reveal that Adhikari made an agreement with Japan's Ocean Technology Limited to pay a lower fee to Nepal Telecom for sharing the income from international incoming calls. In return, the bribe amount was deposited in his wife's name.

The CIAA found that Ocean Technology Limited Japan deposited $2,924 monthly in an account at Himalayan Bank, Thamel, under the account number 00100994280017, belonging to Adhikari’s wife.

The agreement was made when Adhikari headed the telecom's international services department. Since then, Ocean Technology has been making monthly payments into Indu Dhakal's account. A complaint was filed against Adhikari for personal gains while sharing the income from international calls, causing significant financial losses to Nepal Telecom.

Adhikari was the head of Nepal Telecom's International Business Department from 2012 to 2015. Revenue sharing for international calls is based on negotiations between countries. Sources claim Adhikari's actions caused Nepal to lose out in the distribution of international call income. Additionally, the Japanese company still owes millions of rupees to Nepal Telecom.

A senior Nepal Telecom official stated, "While Adhikari was in charge of the international services department, the Japanese company left debts that have cost Telecom millions of rupees."

When questioned about the money received from Ocean Technology in his wife's name, Adhikari denied having any information about it. He said, "I had no information about this matter. It's been a long time since I was the head there," said Adhikari, currently working at the Jawalakhel branch. He suggested that the agreement with Ocean Technology might have been made before 2012 and denied knowledge of any money deposited in the account.

After discovering the dollar deposits in his wife's account, the CIAA launched an investigation against Adhikari. The CIAA had also detained and investigated Sunil Paudel after finding details of his Singaporean bank account, filing a case at the Special Court which issued an order.

Paudel has already been found guilty in the National Payment Gateway corruption case by the Special Court. A complaint was filed with the CIAA, asserting that even Adhikari deposited corruption proceeds in foreign bank accounts like Paudel.

The CIAA's request for various bank account details in Indu Dhakal's name revealed deposits in Himalayan Bank. The CIAA is also investigating potential accounts in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai. It has been reported that Adhikari used the Hong Kong airport during his visit and stayed there for two days, raising further suspicions.

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