NC expresses solidarity with ongoing Guthi bill protests

Published On: June 17, 2019 01:13 PM NPT By: Samriti Maharjan

KATHMANDU, June 17: The main opposition Nepali Congress on Monday expressed solidarity with ongoing protests against the Guthi bill while urging the government to withdraw the controversial bill immediately.

Speaking at a session of the House Representatives, NC lawmaker Dilendra Prasad Badu claimed that proposed Guthi bill was aimed at abolishing the country's unique cultural practices and social values. "The government will have to face unpredictable consequences if the proposed Guthi bill is not withdrawn from the Parliament," Badu said while expressing solidarity with ongoing protests.

The NC and Rashtriya Janata Party lawmakers drew the attention of the government regarding the Guthi bill issue as soon as the meeting began today morning.

The much-talked-about bill on the management of lands belonging to Guthis (religious and social trusts) has courted controversy, with people from various walks of life in Kathmandu demanding its withdrawal.

The bill, which was registered at the National Assembly two weeks ago, proposes forming an 'Authority' to manage Guthi lands, which are currently managed by the Guthi Sansthan or Corporation.

Since the bill registered in the House, there have been widespread protests across the capital demanding the withdrawal of the bill.

Those taking to the street against the bill have claimed that if it is endorsed as proposed it will only serve the interests of the so-called land mafia.

The demonstrators are of the view that the new law as proposed in the bill will turn public guthis (trusts) into a 'playground for politicians, government officials and influential people who wish to embezzle guthi land'.


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