More students in Dang into drugs

Published On: January 21, 2017 12:20 AM NPT By: Devendra Basnet

DANG, Jan 21: Early on Thursday morning in Ghorahi of Dang district, a group of seven school students entered a local tea shop. After placing order for tea, one of the group members took out a small pouch, which consisted of drugs. Immediately they started preparation to take it. They spent a few minutes under the table, and after leaving the shop, they were clearly intoxicated.

Nearly a week ago, another school student had died and drugs were the cause. According to Police Inspector Surya Thapa, chief of Ward Police Office, the youth was initially into marijuana. "However, as the consumption increased and he started requiring more dose, he consumed poison. That eventually took his life," informed Thapa.

These are just representative cases. Of late, more students in the district are involved in drug abuse and many have developed addiction. Children even reach their school intoxicated. A teacher, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, "Although many consume drugs, at least two students in our school are always intoxicated. Although we gave counseling to the students and their parents, we have not noticed any improvement in them."

According to the District Police Office, Dang, drug abuse has been rising steadily in the district since the fiscal year 2005/06. Not just males but the number of female drug users is also increasing steadily, police said. 

According to police, most of the drug addicts are school and college goers. The DPO said there are cases where they had to take action against the same person for multiple similar offences.

"Most of those addicted are college students. They go to some secret places to take drugs before and after college," said Dhiraj Pratap Singh, chief of the DPO. "It is becoming very difficult for us to rid them of their addiction."

Police said the drug addicts are from grade seven to grade 12. They detained 80 school students over the past six months for drug abuse. Those students are receiving counseling on a daily basis, said Singh. 

"We took action against about five children for intoxication. But our intention is to rid them of the addiction," he said, adding, "If we file cases against them, there are high chances that their future will get ruined. So we briefly detain them and provide them counseling."

As per the law, those who are found abusing drugs can be fined up to Rs 2,000 and given a month's jail term. 

Police said use of marijuana, brown sugar and drug tablets is high in the district.

Most of the drugs enter the district from the Indian border at Nepalgunj and Kapilvastu.

Marijuana and hashish are smuggled into the districts from hill districts of Rapti zone, according to the DPO.

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