Locals of northern Gorkha make perilous journey

Published On: October 5, 2016 01:00 AM NPT By: Shankar Shrestha

DHADING, Oct 5: Most of the trails that link northern parts of Gorkha to other villages have been destroyed by landslides triggered by last year's devastating earthquake. As a result, locals are forced to make perilous journeys through steep landscapes. 

The trails along the northern parts of the district that connect at least five Village Development Committees (VDCs) have been severely damaged, according to Saroj Tamang, a local of the area. 

“We walk constantly with the fear of falling off the cliff,” said Purna Bahadur Gurung, a local of Darkha VDC. Locals have been facing problem to carry goods that are essential to celebrate Dashain, he added. “Our journey from the village to district headquarters is very risky. There are chances of rocks falling from uphill as the land has become so fragile due to frequent landslides,” he said. 

Landslides at Mauwa Bhir of Darkha VDC are among the dangerous ones. People feel they are given another chance to live if they cross this section without any accidents, according to Gurung. 

Locals from Dharkha, Jharlang, Ri, Sertung, Lapa and Tipling VDCs are left with no option but to cross this section to reach the district headquarters. Family members stay in fear if someone from the family goes to the district headquarters, says Gurung. Many locals get injured in a daily basis in these areas. 

There are more than 12 landslides at various sections of Dhadingbesi-Tipling road section and the trails that connect the northern parts of the districts. Even porters make dangerous journey to earn a living, according to Narabaj Giri, a local teacher. 

There are big landslides in Kintangfedi, Lapangfedi, Dharna and other places as well.

Locals have to take longer routes if they want to escape landslides-prone trails. “We cannot reach the destination even in three days if we opt for safer routes,” Bam Bahadur Tamang of Serung told Republica. 


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