Locals elated after getting facilities in their own local units

Published On: October 14, 2017 03:54 AM NPT By: Bishan Kshetri

PARBAT, Oct 13:  There was time when locals living in villages had to reach the district headquarters even for all kinds of recommendations from the government authorities. However, the scenario has changed in recent days after the local level elections. Villagers are elated that they no longer have to walk for miles for making any kinds of documents or solving any issues.

Bagh Malla of Paiyun Rural Municipality-7, Bhorle, whose buffalo shed was buried in a landslide along with the buffalo inside, had never imagined that he would get compensation so easily in his own rural municipality. Malla had reached the Rural Municipality Office with a recommendation letter from the ward office and a police report. To his surprise, he was offered Rs 10,000 for the loss. 

 Similarly, workers involved in building various parts of Janasewa Sanskrit Secondary School were paid their wages on time. Before the elections, representatives rigorously campaigned to bring the facilities of district headquarters and Singha Durbar to the local level. Fortunately, they have been able to fulfill their promise at least to some extent. Earlier, the process used to be so lengthy and hectic that people kept suffering instead of trying to solve the problems or raise the issues. This has also saved a lot of money of the locals spent on transportation and accommodation.

However, some drawbacks are still holding back the development of the local units. Lack of enough manpower is one of the major problems. Locals have urged for providing the facility of Department of Land Revenue, Survey among others. 
Khagendra Prasad Tiwari, chief of Paiyun Rural Municipality laments that the local unit has failed to fulfil all of its promises due to lack of sufficient manpower. "There should be altogether nine officers but currently only five of them are shouldering the responsibility of the rural municipality," he said.

In many of the wards there are no secretaries. According to Tiwari, many technicians are fulfilling the responsibilities of the secretaries. This has badly affected the work of the rural municipality.


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