Locals demand development and equal opportunities

Published On: November 4, 2017 03:26 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

BIRATNAGAR, Nov 3: The fervor of provincial and parliamentary election has grown intense after candidates filed their nomination on Thursday. The voters of Morang have suggested the candidates to keep everything aside and focus only on develop once they get to power. Chuman Basnet and Binod Subedi of Republic talked with people from different walks of life. Excerpts:

The only agenda should be development 
Pujan Niraula, Biratnagar - 17

The candidates of parliamentary and federal elections must announce the development agenda phase-wise. Since only economic development can solve the problems we people are facing, I feel that we must clearly focus on that alone. If we can create job opportunities, women, Dalits, youths and everyone can have a better life than now resulting in a vibrant and prosperous society. In every election, candidates come with tall promises, but we never make them accountable. Even when they do nothing about the words given to the public, they are simply accepted and given vote next time. This kind of weakness of public is letting the leaders and political parties to become irresponsible. In my view, the country needs nothing but development. 

Suitable developmental projects needed 
Aashnarayan Yadav, Biratnagar -14
The candidates should give high priority to development projects. What is important for the country and people is developmental projects that suit the place. If you bring projects that do not match our soil, it will not work. On the other hand, we must groom our people. They lack skills, there is no culture of working hard. So, we must provide skill-oriented trainings first and then make them work. This is what should be in the mind of the politicians. We are not in need of rights and identity politics anymore. We seriously need some huge developmental projects. The candidates should not only give assurance but also fulfill them. 

Let them think also of differently-abled 
Bikram Majhi, Biratnagar - 16 
Being an underdeveloped country, people in Nepal have to struggle even for basic facilities. And think of those who are disabled. For them, life is simply hell here. We have not been able to give even minimum facilities to those people. We must have an inclusive society where everyone feels good to live at. I have seen helpless and disabled people neglected by family as well as the state. I want to suggest the candidates that they bring some good and practical agenda for the disabled. If we have broad and holistic vision, then only can we make a happy society. We must provide job opportunity and dignified life to all. 

Let women get their due space 
Shova Dhital, Belbari - 10
Until and unless half the population is able to keep pace with the other half in terms of exercising power and access to economic empowerment, we cannot imagine a just society. So, I keep my fingers crossed that women in Nepal get their due space in all spheres in the time to come. I want to tell the candidates that they must come with such agenda. The political parties have to internalize the fact that women and men are the two wheels of the same cart.

Development and employment should be prioritized 
Yagya Prasad Dhakal, Belbari - 8
The candidates must understand that we are living in the 21st century. Our country is small and underdeveloped but has a great potential to change its face in little time. The only need is of the right direction. I believe that we must prioritize development and employment. When the two things are ensured, other things just follow. The candidates must work for the people and the country instead of the party. We have seen the politicians hoodwinking people. We expect something different from them now. People will not tolerate such leaderships anymore. 

People only want development   
Sajanlal Mandal, Rangeli - 5
If anyone says anything else than development is the need of the time, he or she is saying so for vested interest. Whoever wants to divide and fragment this society and reap benefit says such things. Isn't  it clear that we need nothing but development? Sons from poor families go to the Gulf countries just ot earn merger salary. That's because they don't even get any work here. They cannot survive. And we talk of huge things and get tall promises from politicians. I just want to say that the leaders who win the election must give job to the people. 

Result-oriented development needed
Sadur Mandal, Rangeli - 5 
In our village, we have not been able to feel what development is. We expect that the winners in the election make us feel the difference. We hope that they develop needed infrastructures and create job opportunities here. We need good roads, bridges, canals and so on. Our youths should be engaged in agriculture. By this, we can be self reliant in food and in employment. Development should take the right course. If it is not going to be result-oriented, what's the use? So, we must be careful about where to put in our efforts. However, I have least hope from those who are going to win the elections.  

Let them address people's concerns 
Ankit Bhattarai, Biratnagar - 2
People of different regions have different issues at the local level. The candidates must be able to read those clearly and address them with all sincerity. Only giving them promises and forgetting them after getting to power is not good. Democracy and democratic practices have to be upheld by all. Let the people and the leaders be accountable. 
Think of the poor
Jagdev Yadv, Biratnagar - 18
Nobody cares about those below the poverty line. There are lots of marginalized groups in the country even now. Their problems must be addressed. But our candidates are only focused on earning money. They announce agenda that sound good but just to hoodwink the people. Their ultimate aim is to earn way more than what they have invested now for the election. Such attitude and practice is a big setback. Who will think of the poor people? 

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