Local unit to punish reps promoting Chhaupadi, untocuhability

Published On: September 29, 2018 04:10 AM NPT By: DB BUDHA

JUMLA, Sept 29: Tila Rural Municipality of Jumla has put in place strict rules and policies against the representatives and locals promoting and practicing the ill-traditions of Chhaupadi and untouchability.

Even in this 21st century, these ill-practices are widely prevalent in almost all parts of the district. Therefore, the local unit has made the decision to uproot these traditions and ensure peace and equality for all.

A recent meeting held under the chairmanship of rural municipality chief Ratannath Yogi decided to stop the the perks and benefits of the representatives and government officials practicing or promoting Chhaupadi and untouchability.

Bishnumaya Budha, vice-chairperson of Tila informed Republica that stern action would be taken against the representatives and government officials if they are found practicing Chhaupadi or caste-based discrimination. "We made this decision following complaints against the representatives for giving continuity to these practices," said Budha, adding, "From now onward, no local representatives will dare to follow these ill practices."

Currently, the representatives are trying their best to make the rural municipality Chhaupadi free. Rawatwada, Jogiwada and Dhimkot of Tila have already been declared Chhaupadi free. Preparations are underway to declare Pokhari Gaun of ward-6 and ward-5 free from Chhaupadi. According to the new provisions, those allowing women to stay at home instead of sheds during menstruation will be awarded.

Furthermore, various kinds of awareness programs will be conducted within the local unit to pressurize women to abolish these practices. Earlier, girls and women were banished to menstrual huts for seven days of their periods which now has been decreased to three days. As these traditions are being practiced for ages, uprooting them is not an easy task. With the changing times, more women have started boycotting Chhaupadi sheds and started living in separate rooms during menstruation.

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