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Published On: May 19, 2017 12:31 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Living in an apartment, or in an older home with tiny rooms, can present a challenge bigger than just how to make your limited space seem larger. You want to find ways to make it beautiful besides being functional as well. To make your apartment look stylish and luxurious, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. In fact, all you have to do is use your imagination, and the interior of your home can be transformed for the better. To start with, try these easy decor ideas to make your small space look aesthetically grand, then get creative as you find yourself enjoying the decorating process.  

Create an interesting display
Use floating shelves to show off a collection of decorative objects and mementos. You can opt to install shelves in different shapes too – there are zigzag and round ones easily available these days. Basic shelves serve as a strong basis for rotating displays. They will go with almost anything, which means you can change the look of the vignette, leaving the shelves in place and avoid making any more holes in your apartment walls. You can also frame some photos in different sizes and hang them to cover an entire wall. Break the photos with other items to create some vibrancy in the exhibit. 

Paint what you can 
If repainting the entire apartment isn’t an option, paint your furniture. A new paint job on a bed frame or nightstand can be just as impactful as new color on the walls. All you need to do this is a weekend, some sandpaper, paint, and a paintbrush. Try painting your side tables or a boring old bookshelf a bright red or yellow to add a pop of color in your living space. What also works is painting a single wall a bold color that can be used to display a single huge photograph or a painting. You can also opt to color the wall on which you have mounted the television a different shade.

Cover it with curtains 
Introduce your home to luxury with gorgeous drapes. Hanging several sets of drapes along a wall is sure-shot way to give your walls personality without the permanency of wallpaper or paint. It also gives the illusion that there are windows hidden behind the drapes, rather than just an expanse of blank walls and one tiny window. You can also use drapes to create partition in an open area. Not only does this section off areas, it can also give you an illusion of a bigger space. You can also just hang some pretty curtains around your bed to give it a regal feel. 

Add a vase of fresh flowers
Flowers can instantly and effortlessly brighten and cheer up a room. Even if your living room is small, and the table tiny, it will be good idea to invest in a big glass or crystal vase and fill it with fresh flowers of all kinds. A bunch of gerberas will give your space a cheery look while roses will make it look luxurious. If you take proper care of cut flowers, they can last up to ten days. Just make sure you change the water in the vase every day. 

Hang some string lights 
The right lighting can turn a dull place into a beautiful one. And there’s nothing quite like string lights or fairy lights to create a lovely, soothing ambiance. You also don’t have to limit yourself to regular string lights anymore. You can get lights with colorful little balls made of fabric or bamboo at Masala Beads and other handicraft stores around Thamel. These look absolutely glorious when lit but they make for good hanging decorations even when not in use. With regular string lights too you can get a little creative and use it in various different ways. One interesting take would be to hang photos from it and use it as an ever-evolving exhibition of sorts.  

Make a mini bar
How about creating a home bar to bring a little entertainment and fun into your space? A home bar adds life to any party or family gathering but not all of us have enough space for a large and beautiful mixing station. A small bar is probably the only option in this case. However, small doesn’t necessarily have to mean basic, even though it will occupy only one sideboard, a bar cart or a tray or at best an entire shelf. According to the space available, it can be set in the living room, dining room or the kitchen. Colorful drinks, interesting wine bottles and glasses, and other unique bar essentials can add a fun element to your décor. 

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