Little things you can do to help the environment

Published On: December 14, 2016 07:30 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Saving the environment may feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you think about the little things you can do to help the environment, you can make a big difference yourself just by changing a couple of habits. Yes, it’s still a huge deal that the ice caps and glaciers are melting at alarming rates however, you don’t have to feel hopeless, because there’s a lot you can do yourself.

These little tweaks to your behavior may not seem like a huge deal, and it may seem pointless to do such little things. But when we’re talking about habits that you repeat every day and that other people pick up and repeat as well they end up having a huge effect. So pick and choose the ones that apply to you and that you haven’t already adopted, and just be mindful about how you go about your daily business. If you take just a few of these tips to heart, then the situation’s not quite as hopeless as it seems.

Wear more sweaters inside
Instead of turning on heater, wear more sweaters inside. In winter, it feels totally right to bundle up inside your home. And again, it will also save you lots of money and energy.

No more bottled water
You’ve definitely heard this one before, but there are huge benefits to going for a reusable bottle over the disposable ones. Choose the best water bottle for your habits, and then a lovely side effect will be that you’ll always be hydrated if you’re carrying it around all the time. Pro-tip if you go for an insulated metal bottle: they’re great as thermoses, and they’ll keep the drink’s warmth or coldness for hours.

Flush less
Yes, it may seem a little gross, but water conservation is a big deal, and you’ll save a lot of water if you don’t flush the toilet every time. 

Be mindful about getting around
This is another one you’ve heard before: avoid solo car trips if at all possible. Whether that means taking public transport, carpooling, biking, or just making sure that you always combine as many errands as possible into one efficient trip, using the car as little as possible is the key goal. Before you hop in that cab, just take a moment to think is there also a bus that could take you where you’re going?

Think before you fly
Air travel is definitely unavoidable sometimes, but it’s also got the highest environmental impact of any mode of transportation. Could you get where you’re going by bus, train, or even a shared car?

Buy local produce
Eating local isn’t just a hipster trend; if you buy as much as you can that’s grown or produced locally, you can save a huge amount of energy on shipping. 

Make a grocery store plan
The key here is not to buy food that you won’t use, so plan out your meals before you go to the store so you’ll know exactly what to buy. Another choice here is to swing by the store more often, so you’ll buy less at a time and the stuff you get will have a smaller chance of going bad.

Don’t Forget Your Tote
Too much discarded plastic in the world is a huge issue, so take that out of your life by using reusable grocery bags. Keep one in your purse for spur of the moment shopping trips, keep them in your car, keep them on your apartment door handle, wherever will help you remember them. Another trick is to reuse those plastic bags you put produce into, either as wrapping for your food in the fridge or for a second (and third, etc.) round of produce at the store.

Don’t get utensils with your take-out
If you’re getting take-out or delivery to eat at home, the delivery guy usually comes with plastic utensils already in the bag but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take an extra few seconds to make a note in your order that you don’t need the utensils, and problem solved.

Buy used when you can
Used books, furniture, appliances, electronics, cars, and clothes can all be high quality and cheap if you get them at the right places. A lot of resources go into producing new items, so you want to avoid being a part of that as much as possible. Every used item you buy and then use until you can’t anymore is an item that doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Get sustainable paper products
Learn what eco-friendly paper products look like, and seek them out whenever you can. Ideally, you want products that have been created sustainably, and it is possible to find them. They might be a bit more expensive, but if you’re following all of the other tips to save money, you’ll have a little extra.

Don’t run the faucet
Get in the habit of turning the water off when you’re brushing your teeth and lathering up your hands to wash them. You’ll have to think about it the first couple of times you do it, but then it’ll just become automatic, and you’ll save a ton of water.

Wash your hair less
This is better for your hair ,the less you wash it, the healthier it’ll be, better for your wallet (you’ll save on hair products), and better for the environment (you’ll be sending less chemical waste into the sewer systems).


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