Letter to SEE graduates

Published On: July 1, 2019 09:45 AM NPT By: Sudarshan Neupane

We need to encourage students to focus their mind and heart on something that they are good at and keep supporting them to be better until they become the best version of themselves

Dear SEE graduates, 
I extend my warmest congratulations on your recent SEE results. If you have achieved what you deserved, be happy. If you haven’t got good grades, do not worry. The result is not always in our hands. Needless to say that it is not the sole indicator of your performance. So, relax and don’t lose your hope that you are capable of so many other amazing things. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to prove your caliber in the journey ahead. I encourage all students to consider SEE as an important landmark in your lives and you should be proud of not only reaching this milestone, but also the years of hard work and dedication that you and your families have put in to reach this stage. I vividly recall going through this conversion 20 years ago and I am writing a few words to you based on my experience and learning. 

Those like my own nephew who attained good grades in SEE results, be proud of your hard-earned success. Do not rest on them though, because there will be so many hurdles coming your way in the next stage of your life. Statistics show that not all high-performing SEE (former SLC) graduates did well in the higher levels of their education. Only people who continued to give their full dedication with passion paved their way to reach greater heights.

What next? 
Now, the big question is what next? Quite easily your families, teachers and your peers will expect you to study science or business studies and become successful in your life. But wait, give yourself some time to see what are your key interests, where do you want to see yourself after 20, 30 or 50 years. 

Reflecting on my own journey, despite having attained good result as the topper of Kalika Higher Secondary School (Batch 2056) among top performing students from Rasuwa district, I chose to study Arts with major in Economics and English. Most people back in those days thought I would major science and prepare to become a doctor or an engineer, but quite honestly, those things never interested me. Looking back, I still am proud of my decision and grateful to my family for supporting me to study something that I was interested in. Though I admit I went through some roller-coaster rides in between (I scored somehow average marks but never failed), I managed to be the best and topped when I studied Master’s in Social Work. I truly felt it was my calling, was highly interested by the profound pragmatism of the course and certainly gave my best. This, I think, changed my life for landing prestigious scholarships and betterment afterwards. While I am proud of my academic achievements, I still think my hard working nature, positive attitude and perseverance helped me land other successes in life. 

So my message to you is if you study hard and focus on your passion with full determination, you will ultimately reach where you are destined to be. Please don’t think too seriously that only by studying a course or getting enrollment in an extravagant college will change your life forever. There will be many opportunities in your life and journey ahead to prove your caliber.

Chase your dreams 
For many of you who haven’t got good marks or scored very poorly in SEE due to whatsoever reasons, I urge you to be proud of your hard work and dedication that you have shown in the past several months and years. If you look back, you will find that you have gone through various challenges and difficulties that nobody knows. Some of you may have faced learning or reading difficulties that your teachers or even parents never fully understood. Others may have faced economic challenges, family problems or gone through physical or mental challenges that didn’t allow you to stay focused in your studies. 

I would ask the parents not to compare your child with others and look down on them for their low achievement. No one but you and your child know what they are capable of. If not, try to find the strengths and interests of your child. And allow them to chase their dreams and follow their heart. 

Thankfully, we have so many inspiring people who have achieved so much in life from their sports, arts, entertainment, entrepreneurship and social services, even without great marks or academic degrees. Even by reading some inspirational books and biographies of successful people, you may gain perspectives for your life. It is also important to consider that we now have vocational and professional courses in Nepal that may bring better result and change the life of the children. 

You need to know that this is not the end of the tunnel and there are several ways for people to perform better and attain great success. We all need to encourage students to focus their mind and heart on something that they are good at and keep supporting them to be better until they become the best version of themselves. 

In closing, I wish SEE graduates hearty felicitations. I advise you all graduates to carry with you a sense of pride and gratitude to your schools, teachers, parents and friends who have pushed you and supported you to become a better person. I hope and pray that you attain greater successes in your next stage of life whatever that maybe and may you be the best version of yourself. 


The author is an Australian Development Scholarship Awardee, currently working in an international humanitarian organization in Bangladesh

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