Some schools in the district are considering running physical classes soon

The students who have been deprived of learning will look back to this time to recall how the government failed education in the name of pandemic.

Save education

August 26, 2020 14:00 pm

Almost nine million school goers are at home today for more than five months. Sudden announcement of closure of schools on March 18 seems to have impacted the school goers badly. If the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) had been dynamic enough, almost all school goers would have been admitted in the upper grades by mid-April. Education would continue somehow. After all, there were no severe cases of Covid-19 till mid-May.

Reimagining social work

August 24, 2020 11:41 am

In times of an emergency like the one we are currently experiencing I am wondering about the role social work as a profession can play and how it can better contribute to the inclusive development of Nepal. There is a common understanding that social work as such is not much of value and it is easily overlooked within the society despite the innumerable socio-economic challenges faced by the nation.

One of the greatest concerns most parents I know experience is: Would we be able to maintain the ‘good enough’ parenting role for our children? How might we nurture the culture, family values and traditions in ways that we inherited from our own parents and grandparents in today’s modern upbringing? But if we pay close attention to what we adults seem to have forgotten, we can indefinitely derive joy and confidence in our life. In this article, I aim to share some of the profound childhood lessons that we parents (or any adults) can recollect from children that may help establish mutually reinforcing positive relationships and help to living our lives with more clarity and joy.

In this uncertain situation, educational institutes such as schools and colleges have taken the advantage of technology to let their students gain knowledge and get them engaged in some ways, when there is no school at all. However, due to various circumstances only few students are being able to utilize it fully.

Education sector was comparatively quick to search for an adjustment to address the challenges COVID-19 posed to the system thanks to the information and communication technologies (ICT) capable for the purpose. Private schools and universities starteddelivering online while government has been promoting alternative methods to continue teaching and learning activities through radio and television as well. Nevertheless, the pandemic pedagogy put in place also needs to ponder over the gender concerns to ensure inclusiveness and meaningful participation of the female students.

KATHMANDU, May 4: The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has instructed the educational institutions not to announce admissions for any level until further notice.

Local solutions for education

April 30, 2020 16:00 pm

According to UNESCO, globally about 1.6 billion children, which account for 91 percent of all learners, are currently affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Nepal’s over 7 million school-going children and additional university students have also been severely affected by the closure of educational institutions. When the government started lockdown on March 24, Nepal was already on the tail end of the school year, thus the first three weeks of the closure didn’t have a significant impact on students’ learning activities.

Nepathya’s music for education

March 1, 2020 15:58 pm

The Bhrikutimandap ground resonated with rock folk tunes by Nepathya on Saturday. The band began its live performance on time with the song ‘Aganai Bhari Hiu Nai Jhare.

Investing in infrastructure

February 12, 2020 12:11 pm

An international expert on transport and highway engineering, after making a visit to major road infrastructures in Nepal, commented that there is no single stretch of road in Nepal that is worth of calling a highway. According to this expert, there are certain parameters for any road to be called highway which is determined on the basis of width of the road, engineering design, geometry, quality of pavement, and provision on safety of pedestrians, passengers and vehicles.

KATHMANDU, Feb 2: Maple Bear South Asia, a Canadian pre-school group, has launched its first center in Nepal in Chapali area in Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu on Friday.

TANAHUN, Jan 31: Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has stressed the need to keep technical education on priority.

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: Minister for Education, Science and Technology Girirajmani Pokharel has said that education should be linked up with employment.

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: With the support from the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MoEST), the United Nations Nepal together with the Embassy of Germany, the Embassy of Israel and the Delegation of the European Union to Nepal, organized a month-long educational outreach program about the Holocaust at 15 public and 10 private schools of the three districts in the Kathmandu Valley.

As per the recent development, the house panel endorsed the amendment proposal on existing Some Nepal Acts making it mandatory for the aspiring students to have studied in government schools from class 6 to 10.

Daughter security becoming effective

January 12, 2020 10:18 am

JUMLA, Jan 12: The daughter security program is proving to become effective and fruitful. The initiative has been launched by the Kanka Sundari rural municipality.

Teach with research

December 29, 2019 11:16 am

To meet the needs of 21st century in education, teachers have to become efficient in research-based teaching. The word ‘research’ might be intimidating for many teachers due to its fearful preconception that it is time-consuming, expensive, boring and frustrating. However, research carried out by teachers can be rewarding.  Let me simplify the issue here.

KATHMANDU, Dec 11: The European Union in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is launching a project on Mainstreaming Migration into International Cooperation and Development (MMICD) this week. This initiative is part of a follow-up of the previous assessment that found there was a need for improved coherence between migration, sustainable development, education and rural development.

Teaching in Dolpa

December 6, 2019 09:06 am

Binod Shahi, president of Snow Yak Foundation, came in the top 50 out of 37,000 teachers in the Global Teacher Prize 2018. Shahi was recognized for his immense contribution in providing education to children of Dolpa, a part of Karnali Pradesh in Nepal.

ROLPA, Nov 27: ‘This figure illustrates the seven days of a week and this one is Nepal’s map. That one is pumpkin while this is a mustard plant,” a student from Namuna Primary School at Rolpa municipality-6, Kotgaun said while explaining the audience about the educational materials displayed during the exhibition.

Project-based learning

November 17, 2019 08:58 am

Project Based Learning (PBL) is lately widely used in education as it makes learning livelier for students and can be used to achieve real goal. However, PBL trend is not altogether a new approach. As mentioned by Du, X M and Han, J (2016) in their article the history of PBL can be traced back to the progressive tradition advocated by John Dewey.

Founder of Nepal's first private engineering college - Nepal Engineering College (NEC), late Prof Deepak Bhattarai was remembered amidst a memorial event held in London. Born in 1951 and educated from India and the United Kingdom, Prof Bhattarai passed away on 28 October 2019 after a long battle with cancer

KATHMANDU, Nov 10: Experts have said that the goal of achieving socialism in the country will not be possible as long as the state allows health and education sectors as matters of private business.

Beauty with a strong sense of purpose

October 25, 2019 10:49 am

Priyanka Rani Joshi, who was crowned first runner up in the fourth edition of the En Vogue modeling contest in 2016, started modeling when she was 17 years old but she confesses that she never thought of modeling as a career option. Rather, it was just a hobby for her. Joshi says she has always prioritized education above all else and modeling was something she got into because she chanced upon it.

KATHMANDU, Sept 28: Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of India in Kathmandu Ajay Kumar inaugurated a school building of Kuleshwor Awas Secondary School in Kathmandu on Saturday.

ARGHAKHANCHI, Sept 28 : Bal Basic School of Thati village in Sandhikharka Municipality of Arghakhanchi is ‘a school for the poor’. Well-off families hardly send their children to this school which has no proper classrooms, let alone advanced facilities.

Plans to run a special project to provide cloud computing training to 2,000 IT students in Nepal and offer job placement within the country and globally

'NAAER Australian Education Fair’ has been concluded in the capital on Thursday. Organized by Nepalese Association of Australian Education Representatives (NAAER) at Hotel Annapurna, the education fair welcomed hundreds of students, who came to know about various Australian colleges and universities.

Review SSDP, scrap the project if needed

September 17, 2019 02:00 am

Review SSDP, scrap the project if needed

KATHMANDU, Sept 7: The number of foreigners aspiring to learn the languages spoken in Nepal has witnessed a sharp increase.

I wonder who has to blame for their condition? Is it the situations – if yes, till when we should blame it?

BHAIRAHAWA, Aug 27: Students studying in community schools in Rohini rural municipality, Rupandehi, from now on, don’t have to drop their studies due to heavy cost on studies.

SURKHET, Aug 27: The stakeholders have expressed commitment to make all schools safe within 10 years by implementing the Comprehensive School Safety Action Plan with the support of the local government.

ROLPA, Aug 23: Of 3,531 examinees from Rolpa in the last academic year, 2,198 are appearing for SEE grade improvement examination that started on Sunday this week.

Deschooling education

August 22, 2019 01:30 am

Every class has students capable of becoming singers, dancers, poets, athletes and actors but our education system is discouraging them every moment

BANKE, Aug 15: The Gyanodaya Community Library and Resource Centre Kohalpur has operated ward-level mobile library programme for advancing reading culture.

KATHMANDU, Aug 12: Chairperson of ruling Nepal Communist Party Pushpa Kamal Dahal has urged the concerned stakeholders to contribute honestly for the qualitative development of the education sector.

What are we teaching?

August 8, 2019 02:00 am

Nepal has been spending a lot of money for public education. In fiscal year 2017/18, the country allocated Rs 126 billion.

KATHMANDU, Aug 7: A national review of government investment in school sector development conducted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has shown that 72 percent of students in Grade V has failed to achieve basic minimum learning in mathematics.

KATHMANDU, Aug 5: Everest Bank Ltd has handed over a check for Rs 500,000 as a continuation of its support to Teach for Nepal under its CSR initiative on education.

SURKHET, Aug 5: Sudip Sigdel of Solukhumbu has not completed higher secondary level of education yet. While he pays around 50,000 to the school for his 18-month course, he says that he has been able to earn more than that from his agricultural skills.

Decline in education outcome

July 31, 2019 02:00 am

The result of Grade XII examinations, which was published on Monday, has come as yet another reminder of how quality of education in our schools is declining,

Localizing knowledge production

July 25, 2019 01:30 am

Universities in developing countries must create new knowledge as their primary mission, especially for social progress and in the national interest

The international airline company, Etihad Airways has introduced a nutritional education program for underprivileged children in Nepal.

PARBAT, July 18: Technology-friendly education, which was mostly limited to schools in cities and towns until a few years ago has reached remote villages in recent years. With internet connectivity getting more comprehensive, schools in rural areas these days compete for digital excellence.

Burden of books

July 17, 2019 01:30 am

Different studies have shown that heavy school bags have multiple negative effects on students, including physical, psychological and economic impacts

Education is killing

July 14, 2019 01:30 am

Rising cases of suicide by students for failing the exams calls for immediate incorporation of emotional and psychological counseling in our pedagogy

A story of two students...

July 11, 2019 08:20 am

I put out my hand, I put out my hand. I get given a pencil, I get given a beating. My teacher begins to speak, My teacher begins to speak. I don’t understand what’s being taught, I don’t understand what’s being taught.

KATHMANDU, July 10: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged the Tribhuvan University to bring educational programs to produce capable human resources in order to fulfill country's need.