Lessons from K-fashion

Published On: May 10, 2019 10:04 AM NPT By: URZA ACHARYA

The key to fashion is balance. And nowadays it looks like no one can pull of fashion better than the Koreans. Thanks to the Hallyu wave that paved the way for Korean fashion and K-pop to spread all over the world, there is no dearth of fashion inspiration online. When it comes to dressing well, the Koreans are experimental, bold and are seemingly able to pull off any outfit, as evident by our favorite K-pop idols looking like a “snack” every where they go. If you want to look as good as your favorite K-pop idol or just want to give your dressing sense an uplift, you might find these tips on how to look chic and cool with whatever you have in your own wardrobe pretty helpful.  

Rock an all black
It’s no secret that black is a chic as well as a majestic color that can almost never go wrong. And K-fashion seems to agree with that as well. But it takes courage to pull of an all black ensemble and, if you do it right, you will come out looking like a part-goth, part-fashionista who knows what s/he is doing. But if you go wrong, it can look quite unkempt. So be warned. To start with, you can pair a plain black t-shirt, a slim black pants, and shiny black boots. Similarly, an oversized black hoodie can never go wrong if you are dressing for an informal occasion like a lunch date with a friend or a movie night. The classical black is cool and presents a sense of neutral beauty. When matched with some metallic accessories, the whole look becomes even more special and the accessories break the monotony as well.

Learn to match colors
K-fashion breeds in balance i.e. mixing of colors. If you are wearing a floral shirt or a t-shirt, it’s best to pair it with plain, duller colors like black, blue or white. The colors on your outfit should balance one another, otherwise the overall effect will be a little too chaotic and it will be difficult for an onlooker to decide what to see in your outfit. A plain oversized shirt goes a long way in K-fashion as it gives you the plain palette you need for the base and all you have to do is add color to it. K-fashion is also all about simplicity and monochrome, so it’s best to choose colors that are not too bright. Also, the color of your outfit should be matched according to where you are going. For instance if you are going to work, a mixture of white and grey or blue/black would be a better option than bright ensembles. However, if you are going out at a party, feel free to add an extra glamor to your outfit as well with a pop of color. 

Embrace the retro style
Whether you have noticed or not, mainstream fashion is slowly circling back to the past and the retro style is a big part of K-fashion as well. From leather berets to buttoned dresses, retro style is a brave way to go about while making a fashion statement. The high-waist trousers can commendably raise the waistline (which seems to be a thing in K-fashion), accentuate your lower body making it appear longer and thus making you look taller, which comes in handy for women insecure about their heights. Long wide leg jumpsuits and pants are also pretty common. Generally, while dressing up retro, the clothes need to kept pretty simple with stripes or letters and the pants should generally be baggy, such as distressed boyfriend jeans or wide leg cropped trousers.

Give checkered and patterned clothing a try
K-pop idols and Korea in general seem to be really fond of checks and patterns. The go-to outfit in K-fashion is the simple yet aesthetic bold striped top and shorts. Similarly, large patterned coats also look gloriously amazing with skinny jeans and shiny boots. Moreover, checkered shirt-dresses and long checked shirts also can make you look formal yet fashionable at the same time. Blazers, pleated skirts, off and cold shoulder dresses, shirt dresses, playsuits (all with patterns and checks) are also exciting to wear and there are just so many ways you can wear them. Koreans know how to play with the patterns around them and that makes for really good attires.

Go crazy
The most important tip on this list is to trust your instinct and go crazy when it comes to dressing up. A lot of the times most of us have the clothes that are needed to look good but we just don’t know how to pair them properly. However, Koreans have the self-confidence to pull off weird clothing combos, no matter how absurd they may look. They are seen wearing outfits we wouldn’t have dared to wear together. Be it wearing a shirt within a shirt, wearing a skirt with an oversized sweater or pairing a dress with sneakers, for them it is all about finding their own style. So, rather than copying the exact outfit that you see your favorite K-pop idol wearing on a recent music video, it would be better if you take the needed inspiration from it and include the idea in our own fashion preference that is unique to you.

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