Knowing the “Silent Killer”: Ovarian Cancer

Published On: September 14, 2018 10:23 AM NPT

KATHMANDU, Sept 14: The month of September is celebrated as National Ovarian Cancer Month. Ovarian Cancer is one of the major cancers that women are affected from.

Ovarian cancer is also called a silent killer because for most of the time, its symptoms are not known until Stage III or IV. Part of the reason why Ovarian Cancer is called a silent killer is because of very common symptoms that can often be missed: Abdominal bloating or swelling, quickly feeling full when eating, discomfort in the pelvis area and a frequent need to urinate are some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer that are exactly the same as the symptoms of Gastritis.

In this interview with oncologist Dr. Rashmey Pun Gurung, get to know more about Ovarian Cancer. 

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