Aayurvedic Drug Scarcity

Karnali Aushadhalaya disappoints patients from Humla, Jumla, Kalikot, Dolpa

Published On: December 22, 2019 08:27 AM NPT By: Dhan Bahadur Budha

JUMLA, Dec 22: Dozens of patients who reach Karnali Aayurveda Aaushadalaya,  Jumla, from several remote villages of the district as well as from Mugu, Kalikot and Dolpa everyday have no choice but to return disappointed due to the lack of medicines at the Aayurvedic health center. According to the patients, not even a single medicine is available at the center for the last one month. 

"We feel so bad as we come here from places far away and they say that there is no medicine. Better they close it, we would not come then," said Janmakanya, a local of Jumla. "There are others who come from even farther places, from other districts," he added. 

There are a total of five doctors and staffers at the health center. They admit that the lack of medicines has limited their jobs to 'opening and closing doors'. Even though patients visit the center, they are not able to be of their service. "We used to feel happy and satisfied when it was running smoothly. These days, our job is only to open and close the doors. What can we do without medicines," said Dr Sumitra Acharya. She added that the situation has not hit just the patients; it has fallen equally harder on the doctors and staffers. 

According to Acharya, patients of asthma, stomach related ailments; skin problems and so on visit the center every day. Many patients come to the center after Allopathic doctors let them down. "We are the last hope for most of them. But then, we are not being able to run this center properly," she said. "Those who come for follow up visits literally curse us. They get angry at us," she added. 

Madanmohan Devkota of Chandannath – 10 is one of the agitated patients. He has suggested to the authorities to shut down the center. "If we have to bear with our ailments and if they are not going to be of any help, why keep it open. People would not come far distances in the hope of getting treatment," he said. "They are not sensitive," he added. 

Over 50 patients visit the center on a daily basis, though this number has gone down these days. According to the chief of the center, Prem KC, there are some technical hurdles, which have affected the functioning of the center. "We have not been able to purchase next lot of drugs due to some technical issues," he said. "We are working to address the problem," he added. 

KC said that Public Health Office, Jumla and Ayurveda Aaushadhalaya have been merged of late. And there are some processes that need to be followed for the purchase of medicines. "We hope we will soon be able to get medicines," he said.

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