MUGU, March 28: Two persons have died and four others injured in a road accident that took place in Mugu district on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, March 5: The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) filed a case in the Special Court on Monday against several individuals including the former head of the District Technical Office, Mugu, on charges of corruption related to irrigation projects.

JUMLA, Feb 5:  Two children died in a fire incident in Khatyad Rural Municipality-2 Gadekhola Tol of Mugu.

Three die of viral fever in Mugu

January 25, 2024 14:58 pm

MUGU, Jan 25:  Three people have died of viral fever in Soru Rural Municipality-6, Purumuru of Mugu.

MUGU, Dec 28: The Mugum Karmarong rural municipality in Mugu has decided to close schools in the Upper Karan area for a month due to increasing cold.

MUGU, Dec 9: Over 4,000 tourists have visited Rara, which is considered to be the best tourist destination of Karnali, in the last four months.

MUGU, Oct 29: In regard to the investigation into the killings of four members of a family in Mugu, police said they have made significant progress and reached near the killer(s).

JUMLA, Oct 27: Four members of the same family were found dead in Mundu village of Chhayanath Rara Municipality-6, Mugu.

Mugu district connected with national grid

September 11, 2023 19:45 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 11: Mugu district of Karnali Province has been connected with the national grid with the expansion of electricity to the district headquarters, Gamgadhi, by constructing around 85 km line by tapping the 33 kV transmission line at Nagma. With this, 76 of the total 77 districts have been linked with the national grid.

Mugu, Aug 18: Snakebites patients in Mugu district are facing grave difficulty in availing treatment in their locality in lack of snakebite treatment center.

Kathmandu, Aug 15: The Nepali Congress (NC) has extended sorrow over the jeep accident that occurred in Mugu district on Monday.

MUGU, July 23: People have been compelled to live in the darkness for the past two weeks due to disruption of power supply to Mugu district.

KATHMANDU, June 7: The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has filed a corruption case in the special court against nine personnel including the then Mayor Hari Jung Shahi, Deputy Mayor Suntala Rokaya, Chief Administrative Officer, engineer, Chairman of Consumer Committee of Chhayanath Rara Municipality in Mugu. The anti-graft body registered a case against the four on Tuesday demanding Rs 22,36,000 as compensation.

MUGU, April 30: Many villages in Mugu district are without electricity for years, affecting the local people in many ways.

JUMLA, Feb 5: According to the Inland Revenue Office, Jumla, the revenue collection of Jumla, Kalikot and Mugu is disappointing. Statistics show that only 34.65 percent revenue was collected in these three districts during the period of six and a half months.

MUGU, Nov 26: Nepali Congress (NC) candidate Ain Bahadur Shahi has been elected as a member of the House of Representatives from Mugu.

KARNALI, Nov 23: Vote counting for the election to the Member of House of Representatives and Province Assembly has started in Mugu district, four days after the voting was held.

KATHMANDU, Oct 11: Eight people were killed and three others have gone missing when a landslide triggered by incessant rain buried them on Monday afternoon. The incident took place at Salim, Chhayanath Rara Municipality-11, the District Police Office, Mugu said.

MUGU, Sept 27: Market monitoring was conducted at Gamgadhi, district headquarters of Mugu, on Sunday and Monday. A joint team comprising representatives from District Administration Office, Chhayanath-Rara Municipality, District Police Office, Livestock Office, civil society and media conducted the market monitoring.

KATHMANDU: July 5:  Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has supplied electricity to the Rara lake area at an altitude of 2,990 meters in Mugu district of Karnali Province.

KATHMANDU, Sept 25: Although the number of newspapers registered across the country has reached 7,874, no newspaper has been registered in Mugu and Manang districts, according to the 46th annual report published on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the Press Council of Nepal.

SURKHET, April 4: The Karnali State government has started sending food items to the mountainous districts in the State via air. The State government decided to supply foodstuffs to Humla, Dolpa and Mugu districts through private aircraft. In case of Humla and Dolpa, air service is the only means of transportation.

MUGU, Feb 16: Darkhe Khola Laghu Hydropower Project of Chhayanath Rara Municipality-14 still awaits completion twelve years since construction began for the project. In 2007, Darkhe Khola Laghu Hydropower Project with 19-kilowatt capacity began construction for the residents of three villages of Chhayanath Rara Municipality-14 with the help of the District Energy Department but the work stopped in the final stages of the project due to lack of funding.

MUGU Jan 9:  A woman is expired in Mugu due to the lack of timely contact with a health organization and ambulance service.  Dhanrupa B.k, 35, from Chhayanath Rara Municipality -10, Mugu, died on Wednesday morning causing severe bleeding after she gave birth to a child.

JUMLA, Dec 22: Dozens of patients who reach Karnali Aayurveda Aaushadalaya,  Jumla, from several remote villages of the district as well as from Mugu, Kalikot and Dolpa everyday have no choice but to return disappointed due to the lack of medicines at the Aayurvedic health center. According to the patients, not even a single medicine is available at the center for the last one month.

JUMLA, Dec 16: Heavy snowfall in the high hills of the Karnali region since Thursday evening has brought the air service to a complete halt.  All the four airports of Karnali -- Jumla, Dolpa, Humla and Mugu airports -- remain closed.  There is over a feet of snow on the runway of the airports.

MUGU, Nov 5: An under-construction school building of Namuna Basic School at Lapu Gaun of Chhayanath Rara municipality-13 has turned into a cowshed as it has not got its final shape even two years after the beginning of its construction.

MUGU, Oct 23: Safe motherhood is still a challenge in several rural parts of the country and health posts are struggling to have equipments necessary to offer quality services in the area. However, it has been learnt that neonatal and maternal care equipments are gathering rust at some health centers in Mugu.

GAMGADHI, Oct 12: Delay in upgradation of the road section connecting Nagma – border of Jumla and Kalikot – and Gamgadhi of Mugu, has affected the vehicular movement along the road. Of the total 93 kilometers of the road section, only nine kilometers have been graveled till date.

Speaker Mahara leaves for Kazakhstan

September 21, 2019 14:45 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 21: Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara left for Kazakhstan on Saturday to take part in a session of the Speakers from Eurasian nations, leading a six-member delegation.

MUGU, Aug 27: Passengers have been left in the lurch when a Twin Otter aircraft of Nepal Airlines has shut its flight service from Nepalgunj to Mugu without any prior information since May 9 this year.

Majestic Mugu (Photo Feature)

August 14, 2019 16:15 pm

MUGU, Aug 14: Mugu boasts many beautiful places with the huge prospect of tourism development.

MUGU, Aug 8: A community school in Mugu exclusively run by female teachers has set an example. Pashupati Basic School located in Chhayanath Rara Municipality did not perform well in the past. However, recently, it has progressed dramatically.

MUGU, July 1: Ever since Gamgadhi, the district headquarters of Mugu, was linked to the national road network on December 16, 2012, every village started constructing roads in their neighbourhood. The competition among the villages resulted in opening of tracks in many areas. But that gave rise to one problem – operation of vehicles without route permit.

Water crisis worsens in Mugu towns

June 17, 2019 09:00 am

MUGU, June 17: There is an acute water crisis in several towns and villages of Mugu district. Locals of Bhamwada, Karkiwada, Kotila, Ghattakhel, Jhakot, Ryangchyakati, Lums, Kamfa, Ghat, and Runga, among other areas are struggling with the acute water shortage.

RARA June 4: Two months have passed since the new academic session begun in almost all districts of the country including Mugu. But, students at Soru rural municipality, the northern part of Mugu, are constrained to attend the classes without textbooks as those stationeries and distributers in contract with book suppliers failed to ensure a timely supply so far.

MUGU, June 4: The local authorities of Mugu have collected Rs 10 million in revenue from entry fee charged to yarsagumba collectors in the district. People from the district as well as outside have reached the highlands of Mugumkarmarong Rural Municipality of Mugu to collect the prized fungus which is found in abundance in the district.

MUGU, May 9: In the absence of security personnel, the border police post in Karmarong Rural Municipality-2 of Mugu, which is adjoined to the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, has turned into a shed for cattle since last November.

MUGU, April 28: An unidentified group on Saturday planted an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) near the main gate of the District Coordination Committee (DCC) of Mugu.

MUGU, April 1: The number of tourists visiting Rara Lake in Mugu district is rising steadily. According to data of Rara National Park Office, over 15,000 have visited Rara Lake till March. Local stakeholders say the number of visitors is rising at a satisfactory rate, thanks to promotion of the area as a tourist destination.

MUGU, March 31: Dozens of houses at Riga village situated in the western part of the district are at high risk of landslides. Residents of this village, which is part of the Khatyad Rural Municipality, say that they have seen signs of impending disaster.

Expecting mother airlifted to safety

March 28, 2019 18:25 pm

RARA, March 28: A woman who had been facing problems giving birth since the past three days was airlifted from Khatyad rural municipality, in the western region of the district. Lalita Thapa,22, of Thamlekha in ward no. 8 of the rural municipality was airlifted by a Nepali Army helicopter to the regional hospital in Surkhet today.

Heavy snowfall shuts down schools in Mugu

February 28, 2019 09:11 am

MUGU, Feb 28: Most schools in Mugu remained closed on Wednesday following the sudden drop in temperature due to heavy snowfall since Tuesday.

MUGU, Feb 17: A sub-inspector of Nepal Police was arrested for allegedly raping a woman in Gamgadhi, the district headquarters of Mugu, on Friday evening.

MUGU, Feb 10: Almost two years since the formation of the local governments, still a large number of local units in Mugu are operating from rented buildings.

MUGU, Feb 9: Almost two years since the formation of the local governments, still a large number of local units in Mugu are operating from rented buildings.

JUMLA, Nov 4: Until a few years ago, health facilities were the last thing Karnali region would offer. For small to big health issues, people here had to travel to the capital or other cities in the tarai region. Many would prefer going to India as well. However, things are changing now, thanks to the quality service provided by the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS).

MUGU, Oct 31: The Rara Lake is located at Chhayanath Rara municipality of Mugu in the Karnali Province. Its splendid beauty has no bounds with mind-blowing greenery in the surrounds.

MUGU, Oct 31: The Rara Lake is located at Chhayanath Rara municipality of Mugu in the Karnali Province. Its splendid beauty has no bounds with mind-blowing greenery in the surrounds.

MUGU, Oct 22: Apples worth millions of rupees have been rotten due to lack of carton boxes in the district.