Karnali aims at increasing per capita income to USD 2,100

Published On: June 10, 2018 08:47 AM NPT By: Nagendra Upadhyaya

SURKHET, June 10: While publicizing the development policies and programs for the upcoming fiscal year, Karnali Province on Saturday announced to increase the per capita income of its residents to US $2,100.

Amid a function organized on Saturday, governor of the province Durga Keshar Khanal said the province aimed at reducing poverty rate to 25% from 50% by increasing the per capita income. "All plans and policies will be formed and implemented considering the desire, needs and voice of the people," said Governor Khanal. As per the policies and programs, Karnali will be self reliant in milk and meat products in three years, vegetables in two years and crops, fruits and eggs in five years. 

The provincial government has prioritized the development of physical infrastructures.  It has announced to start the construction of a railway to connect India and Nepal, a provincial-level airport at Surkhet and tourist airports in Humla and Rukum. As mentioned in the plans, Humla and Jumla will have road connectivity in the next one year. Apart from that, Simkota-Hilsa, Gamgadhi-Nagchelagna, Dunai-Morimla road projects will be highly prioritized. Studies will be carried out for the construction of tunnels at various road sections.

In order to develop and promote the economy, prospects of railway development will be studied at business points such as Nepalgunj, Dhangadhi, Ghorahi, Jumla and Dipayal. Similarly, all districts will have a modern city and Birendranagar will have an international conference center. Study and research for development projects will be made through GIS and remote sensing method.

Likewise, underprivileged and marginalized communities will be prioritized in development activities. Such families will be benefited by a 'One home, One employment' program. The province will be seeking international grant and required loan with the permission of the federal government for the development projects.

With the objective of eradicating poverty, the development of education, health, and infrastructures will be prioritized. Besides that, the province will make efforts for tourism and agriculture development, herbs farming, and the production of hydroelectricity to boost the economy of the country.

Karnali province will be conducting ' investment for children, employment for youths and respect for elderly' program for the welfare of three generations. A 'think tank' will be formed with the involvement of experts with vision who will study the prospects and potentials of development.

Equal priority will be given to the maintenance of peace and security. According to the plan, the police service will be digitized and advanced CCTV cameras will be installed in major cities and places. Interestingly, the province government will launch its own radio, television, online and newspaper.

Furthermore, the province will stress the formation of a professional training center for managing technical education, a rehabilitation center and college for disabled, differently able people and elderly people. From now onward, it will be compulsory for the youths above 18 years of age to take one year training for physical fitness and social security.

Moreover, a different body will be formed for the conservation of historical and ancestral heritage, culture, tradition, values and norms. Karnali will soon start working for the construction of a 5000 MW hydropower project which will be completed within the next ten years. Likewise, an investment-friendly environment will be created for the development of other hydropower projects such as Upper Karnali, Betan Karnali, Tila-1, Tila-2, among others.


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