Karan, Aarif among highest earners from DPL auction

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KATHMANDU, Feb 21: The heroic innings against Canada in the ICC World Cricket League Division Two has put Karan KC among the highest earning cricketers for the Ruslan Dhangadhi Premier League set to be organized from March 31 to April 14. 

Mahendranagar United, strategized by Binod Bhandari and mentored by U-19 coach Binod Das, spent the maximum price of Rs 150,000 to acquire the services of the bowling all rounder through a lottery, after all six franchises including CYC Attariya, Kathmandu Goldens, Team Chauraha Dhangadhi, Rupandehi Challengers and Biratnagar Kings were tied on Category-A’s maximum price for KC, in an auction held in Kathmandu on Wednesday. 

SimilarlyAlong with KC, veteran left-arm spinner Basant Regmi (Kings), all-rounder Aarif Sheikh (United) and Sagar Pun (Challengers) also went for the maximum Category-A price in auction to round off as four most expensive players purchases for the second season of DPL.

Kings spent a total of Rs 995,000 from the available purse of Rs 1.1 million to complete their squad of 13 players after the auction. Apart from Basant Regmi, Kings paid Rs 120,000 for former U-19 captain Prithu Baskota and Rs 100,000 each for Category-B players Pawan Sarraf, Ram Naresh Giri, Saurav Khanal, Dilip Nath and Anil Sah. Puran Bishwakarma, Tthe younger brother of Sompal Kami, Puran Bishwakarma and pace bowler Avinash Bohora were Category-C purchases for Kings costing Rs 50,000 each.

They completed their squad by adding unsold players Manjeet Shrestha (Rs 75,000) and Firdose Ansari (Rs 25,000) to their squad. In a mandatory rule to have a Dhangadhi-based player in each squad, Kings bought Subodh Ayer for Rs 25,000 from the Category-D.

If Kings were the heavy spenders of the auction, Attariya were miserly with their purchases methods. Their net spent expense of Rs 720,000 is the least among the six franchises. All-rounder Kushal Bhurtel and Krishna Karki were most expensive buys for the Kailali-based franchise that acquireding them for a the maximum price of Rs 100,000 via lottery. The returning wicket-keeper batsman after a long injury layoff Subash Khakurel was the only Category-A player that Attariya bought in the auction costing Rs 80,000.

They purchased another Category-B player -- left arm spinner Suwarnakar Uraw -- for Rs 85,000. Similarly, they paid Rs 55,000 each for Prem Tamang, Kamal Singh Airee, and Binod Lama. Young all- rounder Sandeep Jora is Attariya’s second most expensive player at Rs 90,000. They contracted Sagar Bhandari for Rs 25,000 as their mandatory local representative in the squad. And finally, They also signed Bhuwan KC, Aakash Thapa and Roman Bam from Category-C at the base price Rs 25,000 to complete their squad of 13 players including the strategic player Dipendra Singh Airee.

The vice-captain of national cricket team Gyanendra Malla led Kathmandu Goldens, led by vice-captain of national cricket team Gyanendra Malla, purchased Naresh Budhayer made as their one and only and most expensive Category-A player Naresh Budhayer their most expensive purchase of the auction at the price of Rs 120,000. They also spent Rs 100,000 each on Shahab Alam, Kishore Mahato, Amit Shrestha, and Lalit Rajbanshi to build their squad with the exuberance of youth. All the players belonged to Category-B.

Similarly, Rashid Khan and Pushpa Thapa were also added from the same category but at the price of for Rs 55,000 each. Goldens’ second most expensive player of the auction was Category-B all-rounder Santosh Bhatta at Rs 95,000. The left arm pacer Bikram Thagunna will be Goldens’ local representative in the squad at base price Rs 25,000. Similarly, they paid Rs 30,000 each to Category-C players Sanjay Shrestha and Bhupendra Thapa as well as Rs 25,000 to Sanjay Basnet to complete their squad of 13 players. They spent a total of Rs 835,000 in the auction.

The new franchise Mahendranagar United announced Binod Bhandari as their strategic player for the season before acquiring the likes of Division Two league toppers Karan KC and Aarif Sheikh for the maximum price of Rs 150,000 each. Similarly, they paid Rs 100,000 each to players Bhuvan Karki and youth sensation Rohit Paudel to complete a core group of national players for the upcoming season of DPL. Hari Shankar Shah was United’s third most expensive player of the auction at Rs 95,000 followed by Avinash Karn (Rs 80,000), Prait Thapa Magar (Rs 65,000) and Mohammad Aasif Sheikh (Rs 55,000).

United bought Arun Airee, Robin Chhetri, and Dipendra Chand as their Category-C players for the DPL at prices Rs 45,000 and Rs 25,000 each respectively. Young all-rounder Narayan Joshi was United’s Dhangadhi-based mandatory local talent for the tournament at the base price of Rs 25,000. United spent a total of Rs 915,000 in the auction.

Rupandehi Challengers purchased the fourth combined of the most expensive players of the tournament Sagar Pun with the maximum price of Rs 150,000. The Nepal all-rounder was joined by former Nepali opening batsman Pradeep Airee (Rs 80,000) and Jitendra Mukhiya (Rs 90,000) as Category-A acquisitions for the franchise led by Shakti Gauchan.

Challengers further spent Rs 100,000 each for Category-B players Susan Bhari, Siddhant Lohani, and Bikram Bhusal to increase their bowling strength and later acquired Dipesh Shrestha on at the base price of Rs 50,000. Kushal Malla was their final category-B player at the price of Rs 55,000. They further purchased the Category-C player Md. Sonu Ansari and Amar Singh Routela for Rs 50,000 each. Challengers spent the total of Rs 870,000 including Rs 15,000 for Dhangadhi player Prakash Jaishi and Rs 30,000 for Bipin Khatri.

The defending champions Team Chauraha Dhangadhi were the second least spenders of the auction a total amount of Rs 755,000. Chauraha spent Rs 80,000 for the only Category-A player Rajesh Pulami Magar they bought at the auction. However, they went on to spend Rs 100,000 each on category players 

Sunil Dhamala, Sonu Tamang, Lalit Bhandari, and Yogendra Singh Karki to build an all-round core of players complementing their strategic player Sompal Kami. They further bought opening batsmen Shankar Rana and Rabindra Jung Shahi at Rs 55,000 each and Raju Rijal at base price Rs 50,000 to strengthen the batting. Category-C players Samsaad Sheikh, Mahesh Adhikari and Ashu Kondoi cost Chauraha Rs 50,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000 each. They completed their squad with the mandatory purchase of Dhangadhi based player Bijay Rana for Rs 10,000.

DPL squads with purchased price

Biratnagar Kings  (Total Spent: Rs 995,000)
Basant Regmi*(Rs 150,000), Prithu Baskota (Rs 120,000), Subodh Ayer (Rs 25,000), Pawan Sarraf* (Rs 100,000), Ramnaresh Giri (Rs 100,000) Saurabh Khanal*    (Rs 100,000), Puran BK*    (Rs 50,000), Avinash Bohara* (Rs 50,000), Dilip Nath* (Rs 100,000), Anil Kumar Sah* (Rs 100,000), Manjeet Shrestha (Rs 75,000) & Firdose Ansari (Rs 25,000).

CYC Attariya (Total Spent: Rs 720,000)
Subash Khakurel (Rs 80,000), Sagar Bhandari* (Rs 25,000), Prem Tamang (Rs 55,000), Sandeep Jora (Rs 90,000), Kushal Bhurtel* (Rs 100,000), Krishna Karki* (Rs 100,000), Kamal Singh Airee (Rs 55,000), Binod Lama (Rs 55,000), Suwarnakar Uraw (Rs 85,000), Bhuwan KC (Rs 25,000), Aakash Thapa (Rs 25,000), Roman Bam (Rs 25,000)

Kathmandu Goldens (Total Spent: Rs 835,000)
Naresh Budhayer (Rs 120,000) Bikram Thagunna* (Rs 25,000), Lalit Rajbanshi* (Rs 100,000), Amit Shrestha* (Rs 100,000), Santosh Bhatta    (Rs 95,000), Kishor Mahato* (Rs 100,000), Rashid Khan (Rs 55,000), Sanjay Shrestha (Rs 30,000), Shahab Alam* (Rs 100,000), Pushpa Thapa    (Rs 55,000), Bhupendra Thapa (Rs 30,000), Sanjay Basnet (Rs 25,000)

Mahendranagar United (Total Spent: Rs 915,000)
Karan KC* (Rs 150,000), Avinash Karn (Rs 80,000), Md. Aarif Sheikh* (Rs 150,000), Narayan Joshi* (Rs 25,000), Pranit Thapa Magar (Rs 65,000), Hari Shankar Sah (Rs 95,000), Arun Airee (Rs 45,000), Bhuwan Karki* (Rs 100,000), Md. Aasif Sheikh (Rs 55,000), Rohit Kumar Paudel*   (Rs 100,000), Robeen Chhetri (Rs 25,000), Dipendra Chand (Rs 25,000)

Rupandehi Challengers (Total Spent: Rs 870,000)
Jitendra Mukhiya (Rs 90,000), Sagar Pun* (Rs 150,000), Pradeep Airee (Rs 80,000), Prakash Jaisi (Rs 15,000), Kushal Malla (Rs 55,000), Bipin Khatri (Rs 30,000), Bikram Kumar Bhusal* (Rs 100,000), Md. Sonu Ansari* (Rs 50,000), Sushan Bhari*     (Rs 100,000), Siddhant Lohani*    (Rs 100,000), Amar Singh Routela* (Rs 50,000), Dipesh Shrestha (Rs 50,000)

Team Chauraha Dhangadhi (Total Spent: Rs 755,000)
Rajesh Pulami Magar (Rs 80,000), Bijay Rana (Rs 10,000), Aashu Kandoi (Rs 30,000), Yogendra Singh Karki* (Rs 100,000), Lalit Bhandari* (Rs 100,000), Sonu Tamang*     (Rs 100,000), Shankar Rana (Rs 55,000), Rabindra Jung Shahi (Rs 55,000), Md. Samsad Sheikh* (Rs 50,000), Sunil Dhamala* (Rs 100,000), Mahesh Adhikari (Rs 25,000), Raju Rijal (Rs 50,000)

NOTE: All the names are given in order of purchase.*Players drafted via lottery after reaching maximum bid price.



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