Jumla locals want candidates to deliver their promises

Published On: November 28, 2017 03:00 AM NPT By: DB Buda

JUMLA, Nov 28: On Sunday, Balaram Budha of Tila-9 became the first person to cast his vote at the polling center at Jyoti Secondary School, Raramalapani. As soon as he dropped his vote, he rushed towards his home as he had to graze his goats. "I cast my vote in every election despite all the difficulties, expecting change but never get anything in return," he lamented. However, this time he is hopeful that his vote will make a difference. 

According to him, the votes of locals have time and again been used to change the candidates' fates but it is uncertain when their own fate will change. "This vote is not for those who are willing to fulfill their vested interests after winning, but for those selfless leaders who will dedicate their next five years to the welfare of the people and the nation," he said.

Chumkali Rawat of Tila-9 is a visually-impaired voter. Despite her disability, she went to cast her vote in the parliamentary and provincial elections held on Sunday, hoping that the leaders and candidates will deliver their promises this time. She shared that she voted for the candidate who has assured to provide plenty of job opportunities to the locals.

Even in this 21st century, the locals here are obliged to walk for hours due to the lack of roads. There are no proper health posts and hospitals due to which a lot of people die of various illnesses. Even the situation of education is deteriorating day by day. Rawat also mentioned that the roads and infrastructures of the district are not disabled-friendly.
 The locals Tila Rural Municipality have several demands. Among them, the demand for road connectivity is the most prominent one. Even though the candidates assured the locals of addressing their demands during their campaigns, the locals are yet to see whether they will really deliver their promises. They have urged the leaders not to misuse their votes and use their position and power for the development of the country.

There are several villages in the district which are lagging behind in development in terms of various things. By putting aside all their important works, the locals reached the polling stations and enthusiastically participated in the elections on Sunday. There were altogether 900 eligible voters in Tila Rural municipality. Of them, 700 participated in the elections.


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