Jumla gets its first apple processing and grading machine

Published On: October 2, 2023 01:00 PM NPT By: Golden Buda

JUMLA, Oct 2: Apple processing and grading has begun in Jumla with the introduction of a cutting-edge grading machine. Guthichaur Agro Firm Pvt Ltd, situated in Guthichaur-5, Jumla, has embarked on apple processing by introducing this innovative grading machine.

On Sunday morning, the inauguration of this remarkable grading machine took place, with the honor of unveiling it going to the former Minister of State for Health, Umesh Shrestha. During the inauguration, Shrestha emphasized the pivotal role this technology will play in elevating the quality of Jumla's apples. He noted that despite Jumla's status as an apple-rich region, the overall quality of its apples has been compromised due to inadequate care in processing, packaging, and labeling. With the introduction of this advanced machine, he believes that Jumla’s apples will regain their prestige through effective grading.

The newly implemented grading machine is poised to revolutionize apple pricing by accurately sorting apples based on their size. Gutichaur Agro Firm has proactively cultivated 3,800 high-density apple plants, with expectations of yielding more than 200,000 kilograms of apples this year. In the larger context, Jumla boasts approximately 4,250 hectares of apple orchards, yet the absence of a grading machine has hindered proper assessment.

Meen Bahadur Bhandari, the owner of Guthichaur Agro Firm Pvt Ltd, expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing grading process. He revealed that the machine classifies apples into categories such as Super, Grade A, B, and C, and a substantial investment of nearly Rs 380,000 was made to transport and install this grading machine in Jumla.

Notably, this grading machine is not exclusively reserved for Guthichaur Agro Firm Pvt Ltd; it extends its services to neighboring farmers as well. The operation involves the mobilization of nearly two dozen workers who are dedicated to the task of apple grading. Farmers in the region are thrilled with the arrival and operation of the grading machine, as it promises to enhance the overall quality of apples produced.

Previously, the District Cooperative Union Jumla attempted to introduce a grading machine to the region, but it never became operational. In the absence of a grading machine, farmers resorted to packing apples haphazardly before sending them to market, leading to inconsistent quality.


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