Indian side accused of constructing infrastructure in no man's land

Published On: February 17, 2020 02:25 PM NPT By: DIL BAHADUR CHHATYAL /PUSHPA RAJ JOSHI

DHANGADHI, Feb 17: The Indian side has started constructing government buildings on the no man's land without taking permission from Nepal.

Although there is a provision that the Indian side should seek permission from the Nepal government to constructs, the Indian government is constructing buildings on the no man's land unilaterally.

The Indian side has already marked the four corners near the Pillar number 752 to erect a government building. The process of construction started after the Indian government handed over the land belonging to Dudhwa National Park to the Department of Customs, India. The Indian government has also given permission to construct a building on the land.

“The Indian government has not permitted to construct infrastructures in Dudhwa National Park. But strangely, it has allowed to construct a building on the no man's land,” said a local Kamal BK, adding that the locals have been opposing the decision of the Indian government to construct the infrastructures.

“We [locals] have requested the Indian side not to construct infrastructure on the land. But, they [Indian side] are constructing the building,” he said. 

Meanwhile, another local Rajan Shrestha said that the Indian side had not allowed Nepal to construct a border security check post within the Nepali territory, far away from the no man's land.

According to Armed Police Force DSP Bhola Kushwa of Border Security Base Camp, the Indian side has marked the location near Pillar number 752 to construct a building. 

“We have requested the Department of Survey to conduct land survey of the Dasgajha area,” he added.

Likewise, Yagya Raj Bohora, chief district officer of Kailali, said that the APF Superintendent of Police has been directed to inspect the no man's land after getting the information that the Indian side had marked the area to construct infrastructure.

“If infrastructures are built on the Dasgajha land, we will take initiative to halt the construction of the building,” he said, adding that a joint survey team will find a solution.

Meanwhile, the Indian side has also accepted that it is constructing infrastructure near the border. According to Alok Kumar Srivastav, superintendent at the Department of Customs, India, the Department of Forest has handed over the land belonging to Dudhwa National Park to the Department of Customs for the purpose.

According to him, the Department of Forest has handed over 5,000 sq feet of land to them. “A three-storey building will be constructed on the land,” he said, claiming that the land doesn't fall in the “Dasgaja” area.

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