In Gandaki no pay for teachers not sending own kids to community school

Published On: May 6, 2018 03:52 AM NPT By: Narahari Sapkota

GORKHA, May 6: In order to make the government's school enrollment campaign successful, the prime minister, parliamentarians and local representatives have taken various initiatives. While some have assumed guardianship of indigent school children, others are busy with  door-to-door campaigns.

Declining number of students and erosion of educational standards at community schools have become a matter of concern for many stakeholders. With a view to reversing this decline , Gandaki Rural Municipality has   decided not to pay the salaries of teachers who don't send their children to community school.

 "If teachers refuse to enroll their children in the schools where they teach, it is clear there is no quality education at such schools," said Hom Bahadur Rana, chief of the rural municipality, adding," If the teachers themselves don't have confidence in what they teach, how will we improve the quality of education?". 
 The decision was taken during a meeting of the rural municipality held on April 26, Rana said.

A meeting of principals from 46 schools and the chairpersons of school management committees held on April 20 had proposed  urging teachers of  community schools to enroll their children in their own schools. As this idea came from the principals themselves, the rural municipality came on board and stressed the implemention of the decision. "Most of the teachers have already started enrolling their children in community schools," said Rana. "If our investigations find any  teachers sending their children to private schools, we will stop their salaries and perks."

Chairperson Rana ernolled his own son in local Bhadrakali Secondary School. Earlier, his son was at a boarding school in Chitwan. "It is the responsibility of people's representatives to improve the quality of education," Rana  said.

As the marginalized communities constitute a high proportion of the population in Gandaki Rural Municipality, the number of children outside  school is comparatively higher.

Meanwhile, Dharche Rural Municipality has announced that it is to provide Rs. 300 monthly to new students.  The money will pay for lunch and  stationeries. "There are many children who don't go to school because their families are too poor," said Santosh Gurunh, chairperson of the rural municipality, adding,"new students will be provided  Rs. 300 per month for the next three years."


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