How people keep up with tech trends

Published On: March 15, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

How do you keep up with technology trends? Do you rely on trusted tech websites and social media or do you choose to get insights through tech experts? Do you feel like it’s necessary to get hands-on experience before buying a gadget or is looking at the product specifications online is enough for you?

Santosh Lamichhane
High school graduate

I keep up with the latest technology trends through various news websites. I rely on social media and trusted tech websites to get insights on latest technology and innovation. It’s not necessary to get hands on experience before buying a gadget because nowadays you can get detailed information about the gadget online. I also look at brands and prefer to use gadgets of established companies.

Mhendo Tamang
Social worker

It’s almost every day or week that new technologies arrive in our market and gain popularity among youth and techno-enthusiasts. One thing that I consider before purchasing any gadgets is where and how I would be using them. It is always alluring to get hold of new gadgets and technology but I wouldn’t purchase it if it doesn’t cater my needs. You can’t keep up with all the gadgets since there are so many of them in the market, and we might not even of be aware of some. I would rather take advice from someone who has been using a particular gadget or at least has a sound knowledge of it. I feel that the online reviews are biased and unreliable.

Arya Kharel
High school student

Technology advances with time so it is ever changing and it is necessary to stay updated about the latest technology trends in the market. It is quite easy to stay updated on the latest trends if we show some interest. Everyone gets updated from family, friends and colleagues while on the other side people also stay updated through mass media like social media, blogs, newspapers, magazines. I personally consider getting d insight from tech experts or people who have been using them. I think it is necessary to get hands-on experience before buying a gadget rather than just having a glance at the product details online. Relying solely on the product details online may not be a good idea as the item may not actually be of the quality that the person assumes it to be. 

Amul Shrestha

Although the market has been flooded by numerous gadgets these days, I’d prefer the gadgets that are handier and user friendly. I am used to certain kind of software and gadgets and have earned fluency in them, changing them is more hectic. Numerous inventions have arrived and also provide many opportunities for modern and easier usage but then I tend to cling on to the gadgets that most precisely fit my needs and requirements. I seldom trust websites and techno-reviews before choosing the new gadgets. If a gadget supports my needs and is user friendly to me, I would purchase them and of course there are many new inventions that arrive almost every day. I try to know about them through online techno-friendly websites but before I go on and buy them. I find the reviews given my trusted colleagues and friends to be more authentic and reliable. 

Yashashwi Adhikari
High school graduate

I keep up with new technology trends through various tech websites. I prefer to rely on insights of tech websites rather than anyone because users might be biased. I would want to get hands on experience before buying a gadget because sometimes details mentioned might not be true and gadget may be damaged or not work.

Slesha Mishra
A-level graduate

I ask around mostly with my cousins who have knowledge about gadgets, as they’ll know about the latest tech. After that, I do my research around where I can purchase on the web and then I’ll compare the choices I have. Also, I look up into new, similar products I stumble upon. I mainly look into the specification and prices to get the best deal and satisfaction. I wouldn’t say I regularly keep in touch with technology. But when I need something I tend to get really picky over details like pixels, processing power of a phone, etc. I do like trying out the gadgets before buying but if it isn’t convenient then I pick up something that seems like the best bet.

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