How do you stay motivated while working from home?

Published On: April 3, 2020 08:38 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Now that the whole world has gone on lockdown and self-isolation mode, many of us have started working from home. But working from home, as comfortable and enticing as it sounds, isn’t always easy. There are so many things that can distract and demotivate you. Here, some people tell us how they keep themselves motivated and stay productive while working from home.



Working from home hasn’t been that big of a problem for me. I could say I do my work with the same amount of zeal as before the lockdown. The one thing that might have helped me for this is the work table that I have set up at home. It mirrors my desk at my office and as soon as I sit down, I feel like it’s time to start working. If I get bored or don’t feel like working, I take a break to watch a short movie. And as soon as the movie finishes, I go back to work. It’s about keeping yourself disciplined, I guess.


To be completely honest, I have literally zero motivation to work from home. I mean, I’ve never done it before. I never knew that the familiarity of a place would make you yearn for comfort, which
in turn only makes you lazy. But you have to do your work at the end of the day. I just get it done as soon as I can. I don’t know if people are really benefiting from what I’m doing from the four walls of my room. When we come out of it, we’re going to be living in a completely different world, and that keeps me going. You have to change your outlook and try to do the best you can.

Founder, Eco-Sathi Nepal

In the first few days of the lockdown, everything was so sudden that I couldn’t figure out what to do. But as I run an online zero-waste business, I decided to take my time to encourage, inform and educate our customers and audience about the on-going crisis as well as the environment. My team and I started a small blog post on our website to talk about various aspects of being environmentally friendly so that we can offer an escape to the customers from all the grim news that we’re hearing nowadays. We try to create posts that are interactive and fun where we can closely connect without our followers and clients. I believe you have to stay passionate about the work you do despite the circumstances.

Chief IT Technician

I personally think that as long as you’re passionate and responsible regarding your work, you will not slack while working from home. I know working from home is unfamiliar terrain for most of us and it can be pretty difficult to motivate your- self to work when you’re inside your house all day. But you have to get work done by the end of the day so why bother putting it off? Also, isn’t it better to get your work done as soon as possible so that you don’t have to worry about it later? And if you can’t find the motivation to work at all, I suggest you ask your supervisor or department chief to ask you to report to them what you’ve done for the day. I think that’ll be enough pressure to motivate anyone to work.

Digital Marketing Officer/Illustrator

Although I’m getting all of my work done every day, I’m finding working from home pretty difficult. I definitely feel very lazy to work at all sometimes but I push through in the end and do my work anyways. I’ve actually set up my work table in another room because I don’t think I’ll get any work done if I stay in my bedroom. Also, my office has created an online communication network and everyone has to be online at all times (during work hours) and has to reply within 15 minutes of someone addressing them on chat. This network also works as a reminder about how I have to be responsible for my work.


For me, this lockdown has been an opportunity to spend some quality time with my family. Other than that, when it comes to actually being productive at work, as I can’t go out and actively take photos, I’ve been going through some old folders and learning to edit photos that I took before the lockdown. Moreover, I’ve also been learning video editing techniques with the help of YouTube. So to keep me occupied trying to edit photos while experimenting with new techniques.
It does tend to get difficult to push oneself to be motivated every day, but it’s important to see this time as an opportunity to improve your existing skills or try something new altogether.

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