Home-stay brings prosperity to Namje

Published On: September 9, 2016 02:00 AM NPT By: Rohit Rai

DHARAN, Sept 9: The family of Matimaya Magar used to struggle to make ends meet without taking loan. Sound economic condition was a far-fetched dream for the family from Namje, Dharan. Almost every household in the village had similar problem. 

That was four years ago. Now, things have completely changed in the village. The locals neither lack job nor money. 

“Yes, we've good income. There is no problem of money,” grinned Matimaya. “Home-stay pays us pretty well,” she added.

Prosperity has kissed Matimaya's place, thanks to soaring tourism. With gradual growth in the flow of tourists, there is high demand for 'home-stay' which directly benefits the likes of Matimaya.

“We hardly get time for anything else. We are quite busy welcoming tourists and managing their stay. Vegetables and grains for them are served from our own farm,” Matimaya explained. 

She started home-stay for tourists four years ago. As the family members realized the added value of feeding guests with organic products, they started growing enough vegetables, fruits and grains in their own farm. No wonder, all the hard work was leading them to prosperity. 

“We don't have to worry about loan anymore. What we earn suffices enough for everything,” said the proud woman. 

Namje was featured by CNN among 12 best 'unheard places' in the world to visit in 2011. This became the turning point for the village and the locals. As the news made Namje popular worldwide instantly, tourism begun to thrive here. 

“Even before, there was home-stay service for tourists. But later, this grew so popular that almost every household is providing this service,” Matimaya said.  

CNN had praised the climate, warm hospitality to guests during home-stay, the unique culture and tradition, natural beauty and organic farming of Namje while enlisting it among the best places to visit. 

“After that, we focused on home-stay. This has helped people generate good income. Face of the village has completely changed,” noted Anil Rana Magar, president of home-stay management committee. 

Namje is dominated by Magar community. 

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