Home Ministry identifies 23 groups that may seek to disrupt upcoming elections

Published On: November 5, 2022 02:45 PM NPT By: Binod Subedi

BIRATNAGAR, Nov 5: A provincial level security conference has started in Biratnagar to discuss issues such as election security, theft and controlling smuggling. In the meeting held in Biratnagar on Saturday, the security agencies of all 14 districts of Province 1 are scheduled to present security challenges and solutions in the election.

In a meeting aimed at the security of the elections and the overall security system of Province 1, Home Ministry Spokesperson Phanindra mani Pokharel said that the main challenge is to control the activities of groups that seek to sabotage the elections.

He directed the security agencies to focus on controlling the activities of such groups as 23 groups are active across the country. He mentioned that the Ministry of Home Affairs has concluded that there are 23 groups active in the country to oppose, boycott and prevent the peaceful completion of the election after the preparations for the election have been completed. He said that since there are five to six people in such groups, the security agencies should be active to prevent the activities of such groups.

Pokharel also said that the security system of three zones will be arranged for the upcoming elections. He mentioned that police and temporary police recruits will be deployed in the first circle, armed police in the second circle and Nepal Army in the third circle. He said that 298,589 security personnel will be mobilized for election security.

Likewise, he said that the government's priority is the security of the election staff, candidates, voters, and election materials. Pokharel made it clear that since the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies elections will be held at the same stage throughout the country, PSOs cannot be given to the candidates. He said that collective security arrangements have been made for all candidates, election workers and general voters.

He also added that the district security plan and transportation plan have been prepared in all the districts of Province 1, and the classification of polling places has also been done. Pokharel instructed the heads of the security agencies to provide the service facilities provided to the temporary police recruits as prescribed by the government and to treat them well.

Inaugurating the provincial level security meeting, Minister of Internal Affairs and Law of Province 1, Kedar Karki, said that the security agencies are active in strengthening the security system of the province and that the provincial government is focusing on the peaceful completion of the elections. Security chiefs of all 14 districts of Province 1 have participated in the meeting.

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