Use of child labor high in Udayapur

Published On: August 1, 2016 12:00 AM NPT By: Maheshwor Chamling Rai

UDAYPUR, July 30: Civil society members and other stakeholders have pointed out the problem of child labor in Udaypur. In an interaction program on the condition of children in the district, stakeholders said that the use of child labor is 'rampant' in market areas of Udaypur, especially in hotels.
According to survey, there are about 100 children involved in households work in Triyuga municipality, Katari muncipality and Rampur Thoksila VDC.

According to the report prepared by Nepal Social Development and People Empowerment Center (NESPEC), that there are 88 children who are forced to do different kinds of labor in three different market places of Udaypur.

The survey of different areas of Triyuga municipality, including market places of Gaighat, Bokse, Jaljale, Moti Gada, Purano Gaighat,  Deuri and Chuhade, found out many children working as laborers.

Similarly, a number of child laborers were also found in other places like Katari muncipality and Rampur Thoksila VDC.  

Child labor can be found especially in hotels, restaurants, construction sites, transportation business and many more. Likewise, children are involved in different household works also.

Children can be seen as working in construction sites to build houses, bridges and roads. Many children are being exploited and forced to work as helpers in vehicles.   

According to the Child Labor Act of Nepal, no child below the age of 14 years shall be employed to work in any sector while children between the age of 14-18 years can only work under certain criteria. But in Udaypur, there is no age bar set for child labor.

As per the report, child laborers aged 9-14 are the most exploited ones. “Most of the hotels in two municipalities and one VDC have been found using children 14 years, who have been forced to toil hard,” said Tirtha Prasad Parajuli, an officer of the World Vision International Nepal.

Due to the lack of awareness among people, the child labor system is still in use in the society, he added.

The small survey focused around the three main market areas has indicated that there could be large number of child labor in the district.

According to NESPEC, soon the total number of child labor will be counted from the whole district.

“The number child labor will be counted shortly. After the study of the status of child labor, there will be a program to eradicate child labor,” said, Bhim Kanta Poudel, officer at the District Development Community (DDC).

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