Helicopter chartered to pay for project, social security allowance in Gorkha’s remote rural municipality

Published On: July 13, 2022 12:30 PM NPT By: Narahari Sapkota

GORKHA, July 13: Money has been transferred by a helicopter to Chumanubri Rural Municipality, Gorkha, which is not connected to the road network. The only Kumari Bank branch in the village has transported Rs 50 million through a chopper to pay for various projects in the current fiscal year, social security allowance and regular banking services.

“There is no way for vehicles to come. We have brought money by chartering a helicopter to serve the people,” said Krishna Pokhrel, manager of Kumari Bank’s Sirdibas branch. He said that the payment of the project run by the rural municipality is in full swing this year. "As it is a remote place, there is not much deposit here, there are no loan investments, you have to bring money," said Manager Pokharel. A branch of Kumari Bank has come into operation in Sirdibas as per the government’s plan to have one commercial bank in each local unit. The bank had earlier distributed social security allowances by transferring the money via a helicopter.

Pokhrel said that the social security allowances are distributed by the bank in Ward 3 where the bank has its branch and in other wards, the bank’s employees reach ward office and distribute. “ Due to the rainy season, social security allowances in other wards before Dashain and social security allowance are distributed in Shirdibas in July,” he said.

“After repeated requests to the bank, the money was brought and distributed by a helicopter,” said Nima Lama, chairman of Chumanubri Rural Municipality. He said that the locals will be comfortable as the  Rs 50 million will be used for a few months. Chumanubri Rural Municipality in northern Gorkha is a local unit bordering China’s Tibet.


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