Govt in search of missing employees who went abroad for study

Published On: November 28, 2021 12:20 PM NPT By: Bhuwan Sharma

KATHMANDU, Nov 28: The government has started searching and keeping records of the government employees who have gone abroad to study on government scholarships but didn’t want to return home even after their leave is over. Most of these employees are from technical groups.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development issued a public notice in the name of Plant Protection Officer Bhim Chaulagain, three days ago. The ministry publicly demanded an explanation from Chaulagain, citing non-attendance in the office for 90 days after the pre-approved leave. The ministry had publicly asked for an explanation after he did not respond to a personal request.

The government cannot immediately remove employees who do not show up for 90 days after the end of their study leave. For this, various processes have to be completed. There is a provision in the Civil Service Act 1993 for removal from service on the recommendation of the Public Service Commission.

Pem Narayan Kandel, the then secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, fired 11 technical staff who had gone abroad to study last year and did not want to return home even after their study leave was over. Now he is working at the Ministry of Forest and Environment where there are more than half a dozen such employees. Kandel said that the search for such employees has also started in the forest ministry.  Among the 11 technical staffers are Yadav Sharma Bajgari (Animal Development Officer), Khadga Singh Bista (under secretary), Toyanath Baral (Veterinarian), Tulsiram Thapa (Veterinary Officer), Rimadevi Shrestha (Veterinarian), Binu Shrestha (Veterinarian), and Ghyangalpo Lama (veterinarian).

The situation is similar at the Ministry of Land Management. Chief Surveyor Nawaraj Subedi had gone to Australia on a five-year leave to study.  However, he did not return to Nepal even after the completion of the leave and stayed there. According to ministry sources, there are about half a dozen such employees at the Ministry of Land Management.

Narayan Aryal, joint secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, said that search and keeping the records of such employees has already started. The employees go to study abroad either on scholarships or open competition set aside for government quotas.

The law stipulates that the student must be present at the office within 90 days of the end of the study leave. However, the staffers of the technical groups of the ministries of agriculture, forest, health, physical infrastructure, land management and urban development have not returned home even after completing their study. According to the law, in order to remove such employees from their posts, the ministry concerned has to seek clarification from such employees first, issue public notice if no explanation is given, and then consult with the Public Service Commission for further action.



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