Gandaki tops Province 4's name debate

Published On: June 24, 2018 03:27 PM NPT

POKHARA, June 24: The Province 4’s assembly is working to finalize their provincial name and its capital today after a committee formed to finalize names recommended it. 

Of those recommended, Gandaki tops priority. This is followed by Tamuwan-Magarat, Gorkha and Dhaulagiri. According to federal provisions, a province’s name must receive two third majorities in the assembly. With the Left Alliance in power, Gandaki, is likely to be approved with majority.

“Three political parties and eight districts have recommended Gandaki,” Bindu Kumar Thapa, Provincial Assembly member from Nepali Congress said adding that even if the provincial assembly was to go into voting, Gandaki would still top the preference.

Apart from the name, more than 90 per cent of the 703 representatives from major political parties suggested Pokhara to be the capital. “There’s a common consensus with Pokhara as the provincial capital,” Thapa said adding that Gandaki, as the province’s name was most likely to be endorsed because “the name didn’t create any debates unlike other names.” 

However, former Maoist Center faction has remained silent with the issue, largely not to replicate party merger in the district. Nevertheless, a common consensus from the party is that it should be able to reflect historical, geographical, ethnical and cultural diversity and identity.

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