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Published On: March 31, 2017 11:18 AM NPT By: Isha Upadhyay

A part of the exotic foods franchise, Le Mirch is an Indian food restaurant with a French influence. In the name itself, the le is an article definis’ in the French language, so even before ordering your food, you already see some French influence. A new addition to the food court at LABIM mall, Le Mirch wants its dishes to impress.  

The music that plays in the background is soft and you don’t have to shout to be heard. The new Hollywood releases that are on Le Mirch’s playlist complement the comfortable ambiance they have created with wooden planks as false ceiling, warm LED lights, and deep green chairs. The many light bulbs lend the dining as well as the bar area a warm and comfortable feel. If they continue with the same hospitality, service and quality of food, this place will be a crowd favorite in no time at all.

Le Service
The waiters are well versed with the menu and are able to give you details of every dish when asked. Ask them for their recommendations if you aren’t sure and you won’t be disappointed. The friendly staff will strike up a conversation with you and won’t make you feel out of place even if you go there to eat alone during busy hours. The service is quite fast, with everything apart from the Chicken Tandoori reaching your table within 15 minutes of ordering. They make all your orders from scratch so that they retain the dish’s authentic taste which is the Tandoori takes time as the chicken takes longer to roast. Make sure you call ahead or send them an email for dinner reservations, especially during the weekend. And when you do, make sure you wait for the confirmation of your reservation before heading over. It will save you a lot of time.

Le Spinach
This appetizer looks like one of the many kinds of chats we might have had – a curd and mint chutney covered dish with bujiya sprinkled over it. However, looks can be deceiving, let us tell you that as this dish is anything but your regular chat. The spinach is deep fried and perfectly crunchy and every spoonful comes with a gentle hint of masala, reminding you that you are having a variation of the traditional chat without overpowering other flavors. The curd and mint make a good combination with this crunchy treat as it adds a smooth texture to contrast the crunch making every bite savory and delightful. 

Masala croquette
What initially looks like a kachori when it comes out of an Indian kitchen is actually a traditional take of the French cuisine. Cumin, onion and parsley are added to mashed potato to give this dish its unique taste. What takes the crown, however, is the gooey cheese that pools on to your plate when you cut into it. The tart mango and tomato salsa along with the fresh sweet element added by the mint and avocado chutney complement the textured food that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

When you think of calamari, you will definitely not think of it served dipped in sauce that has been influenced by South Indian cuisine. With a hint of coconut that leaves your taste buds tingling, the rich delicacy is best eaten with the soft naan that is served on the side. The calamari itself is cooked to perfection and even when it sits out in the open for quite some time, the gravy doesn’t let it become rubbery. You no longer have to wolf down the seafood, in the middle of a stimulating conversation, and can enjoy both at a leisurely pace.  

The first thing you will notice about the biryani is the colors. The grains of rice look so good that you will barely look at the raita, mixed pickle, and the papad on the side. The chicken that comes with the biryani is a little on the dry side but when combined with the sides, the rice is so mouthwatering that the dry chicken is an easy flaw to overlook. The occasional raisin on your spoon adds a burst of sweetness to your savory meal. 

A la crevette
One of the dishes that have been heavily influenced by the French cuisine, the crevette is shrimp marinated with their secret recipe and served with a pesto sauce. This dish comes with a helping of small pieces of naan bread, and that’s where the genius behind the dish lies. The combination of naan and the shrimp doesn’t seem like an ideal arrangement when you think about it but it works and works really well. The chunky pesto sauce, the softness of the naan and the soft, well cooked shrimp work together to make every bite flavorsome and interesting. It’s almost like you won’t be able to pinpoint what exactly you like but you will like it a lot. 

Chili jamun
A special dessert, you won’t be able to find it anywhere else and it is absolutely worth a try. Unlike what the name suggests, the chili paste isn’t too chilly, it’s just enough to tantalize your taste buds and heighten the flavor of the sweetness in the jamun. The chili paste is smeared against the walls of the plate and the hot jamun placed in the middle with one of them sliced open makes it a feast for the eyes as well.  

Caramel litchi martini
A signature drink of the place, it’s a sugary concoction with a hint of sourness. Although a vodka base, you can barely taste the alcohol in it. A treat for all those who like sugary drinks, it’s a true joy to not just to drink, but to behold as well. The glass is lined with rings of caramel, not unlike the caramel coffee we all love to indulge in.   
Although Le Mirch has only displayed its signature cocktails on the menu, feel free to order your personal favorites that might not be on the list. The bartenders will gladly cater to your requests.  

Photos: Pratik Rayamaji

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