Former teacher now a successful mushroom farmer

Published On: February 5, 2018 08:29 AM NPT By: BHAGWATI  LAMA

NUWAKOT, Feb 5: Hundreds of people from Salme, Bhalche and Lachyang in Nuwakot district moved to Simbutar of Bidur Municipality after they were rendered homeless by the deadly earthquake of 2015.  

Even after three years of the major quake, people here are still living a miserable life in dilapidated tents. However, some of them have been able to overcome their troubles through their hard work. Though the earthquake reduced his house to rubble, it could not break the hope and aspiration of Dilman Tamang of Salme.

Few months ago, the sixty-year-old Tamang made his mind to start mushroom farming to make a living. The mushrooms cultivated in two ropanis of land which he has taken on lease have grabbed the attention of a lot of people. As his business is working wonders, his hard work and dedication has really paid off. In fact, it has been a lesson for many people that nothing is impossible if there is a will. 

According to him, he has to pay Rs 4,000 per month to his landlord. By investing Rs 263,000, Tamang had grown mushrooms in six tunnels. "I and my wife have put on all of our efforts on this business and we are happy that we were able to reap benefit in no time," Tamang said.
He spent 22 years of his life with chalk and duster. After getting retired from the teaching profession, he was wondering how he would spend his life further. He later joined a seven-day training of Agriculture Development Committee (ADC) and 21-day training in Hetauda for mushroom farming.  

This really became a life-changing experience for him. "Where there is a will there is a way," he said. Now, he grows various species of edible mushrooms. 

Each day, he sells 15 to 20 kg of mushrooms. Even though businessmen reach to his farm themselves to collect mushroom, he manages to visit the market places and villages on his own as it gives him the opportunity to build connection with the customers and sell fresh mushrooms to them. He has been selling mushrooms for Rs 180 to 190 per kg in the market.  

Tamang's booming mushroom business has garnered appreciation from the locals too. "My work has got a good recognition and I want other people to adopt this business as it can make them financially independent," he said. 

He says that no one will have to go to foreign land to make money as business like this can make it possible in our own country.

Every Monday, ADC, Nuwakot organizes a fair in the district headquarters Bidur. This has provided a great opportunity to farmers like Tamang to sell their products.

 "Since the beginning of the fair, I don't have to worry about my mushrooms getting wasted," said Tamang. During the last fair, he sold 90 kg of mushrooms in three hours. This fair has made him even popular among his customers.


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