FMTC selling remaining mountain goats at discounted prices

Published On: October 15, 2019 12:15 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, Oct 15: Food Management and Trading Company (FMTC) is preparing to sell mountain goats, which were brought for Dashain but were not consumed, at discounted price. As of Friday, 30 mountain goats are left to be sold. 

Total 3,013 goats and mountain goats were bought to Kathmandu, of which 16 died. The FMTC began to sell mountain goats from September 30. A total amount of Rs 54.8 million was collected as of 
Friday last week by selling mountain goats and goats brought for Dashain.  The state-owned trading company started selling goats at a discounted price basically for stock clearance. 

The FMTC sold goats and mountain goats at concessional price even during the Dashain, while traders were selling at high prices. 

"We brought large numbers of mountain goats and goats this year, but there were only limited days to sell them. Goats are sold only up to Nawami (the ninth day of Dashain), and after that the sale goes down. Also, many of the Kathmandu residents had left for the districts during the festivals," said Sharmila Subedi Neupane, the spokesperson for FMTC.

The prices for live goats and mountain goats were Rs 550 and 730 per kg, respectively, after 10% discount during Dashain. The price of mountain goats was reduced to Rs 700 after Dashain.
According to the FMTC, 925 mountain goats were bought from Mustang last year but this year 1,920 mountain goats were bought. 

"Comparing the quantity of last year, it was huge increase this year. But we sold good numbers of goats and mountain goats," she said, “Mountain goats are bigger in size, and it takes time to consume it fully. People only buy goats when they need as there is no space to keep it in a place like Kathmandu. So the purchase was a little slow," added Sharmila.

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