Extreme negligence by contractors in construction of Postal Highway

Published On: February 14, 2018 03:10 AM NPT By: Nirmal Ghimire

BARDIYA, Feb 13: With a budget of Rs 790 million, the construction of a 57-kilometer long stretch of the Postal Highway in the district has been expected to provide strong infrastructural backbone for the country. However, the construction has been marred with severe negligence on the part of the contractors of the project.

The lack of proper diversions at the construction sites has given nightmares to big and small vehicles to drive through the highway. Pedestrians, school children, business people and entrepreneurs among other groups have been severely affected. Drivers said they are worried that potholes and excessive use of mud may leave their vehicles stuck on the roads or even cause accidents as the unmanaged construction has made the road slippery.

When it rains, the highway becomes very muddy. In the dry season, it is full of dust. While drivers and pedestrians have to bear with the severe problem of dust on sunny days, they have to be extra cautious on a rainy day as the road is very slippery.

Locals have been requesting the local administrative bodies for intervention. However, their pleas have only fell on deaf ears so far. Saurav Bajracharya, chief of the Postal Highway project, said they have instructed the contractors to follow the proper procedures during the construction. However, contractors seem to be ignoring the instructions. 

Nashim Halwai, operator of the Madhuwan Municipality-based Noori Stone Industry, said negligence on the part of the contractors has prevented important business transactions of his company. “The pathetic road condition and negligence during construction has made it impossible to transport stones and other materials from our factory. The road is so bad that we cannot operate even tractors when it rains.”

Pappu, Asshish and Sharma JV companies have been handed over the contract to construct three sections of the highway. 

According to him, the contractors are working without giving any thought to the plights of pedestrians and drivers. “They are highly unconcerned about our plights during the construction process,” he added.

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