Exploring career opportunities through online media

Published On: March 13, 2017 11:00 PM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

How do you search for jobs? Have social media and other online portals made it easier to access career opportunities in Nepal?

Karma Hyolmo
Undergraduate student
When it comes to searching for jobs, I prefer using online media because I think it is less time consuming, compared to other sources of communication. As the trend of using internet seems to be highly increasing, it has become a tradition among people that they communicate through social media rather than communicating in person. I believe many people these days rely on social media because it is easily accessible and can be reached within a click. Yes, I agree that social media is a reliable mode to communicate with people who are beyond our reach. Since many people today vie for better job opportunities abroad, the procedure requires them to communicate online. 

Arun Karki
Communication is a two way interaction; it seeks the urgency of carrying out in an effective manner. Therefore, I prefer searching for job opportunities online because I am given the chance to choose for the jobs that go parallel with my choice and experience. Looking for jobs online is easy because you can have it saved as a file and get back to it when time permits. I think the rise in social media has made it easier to broaden the area of networking. It has become convenient to interact and share views on various issues in a short period of time.

Sanjiv Shrestha
Many people want to get their works done effectively in a short period of time. It is obvious that people would want to rely on easily accessible sources. I opt for online over traditional one because it not only is less time consuming but also provides a platform to connect and interact easily. It also has become effective to enhance networking with the rise of social media through the exposure to anonymous people.

Raju Thapa
I personally prefer online sources to search for job opportunities. It is because online media proves to be quite beneficiary in every respect and help smoothen the flow of communication within a short time period. Although social media has its limitations, I think it serves well if used properly. 

Roshan Kalauni
Digital marketing analyst
I prefer online mode of communication to other sources because it is easier to find diverse group of people through social media. It not only has made the communication process easy for job seekers but it also provides opportunities for employers to look for the right talent to hire. Moreover, social media has made it easier to post jobs so that it reaches to the right people. I feel that social media helps creating exposure to various career opportunities, bridging the gap between the job provider and job seekers.

Rasuja Kuwar
High school graduate
Social media has made it easy to look for internships and jobs online. Previously people had to contact their connections to get internships or jobs but now social media has broken this trend. If someone wants to create their own image and exceed in career without the interference of family connections than social media is the right platform. Instead of using old traditional method to search for jobs, I prefer using social media and other websites. The rise of social media has increased the chances of a person from every possible background to secure a high post job.

Sunita Thapa
The use of social media is on rise. People still follow traditional method to look for career opportunities but I feel that it’s not effective.  The information provided by traditional media is not detailed while if you look for jobs online you are given detailed information on what is required and what will be your responsibilities. Social media has definitely given many opportunities to different individuals to explore careers.

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