Experimenting with Accessories

Published On: July 12, 2019 08:36 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

We all know that accessorizing right can work wonders and make a simple outfit look fabulous. But most of the times, we tend to play by the textbook and don’t really experiment with the way we style our accessories. Not only will you stand out if you style an accessory just a little differently but this can actually make the tedious task of getting ready in the morning a lot more fun. Here are a few creative ways to wear your favorite accessory.

Mismatch your earrings
Donning a stunning pair of earrings can dramatically upgrade your outfit. Usually we wear the same pair of earrings but what if you break away from this norm and put on a different style of earring on each ear? The key here is to match the metal tone of both of these earrings. Wearing a gold earring in one ear and a silver one on the other will just look like an accident. Intentionally match the color of gemstones or the color of other details from your earrings to the color of your outfits and it’ll look like you put a lot of thought into styling your outfit. 

If this tip sounds too intimidating, start out by wearing a long dangly earring in one ear and not wearing an earring on the other. Once you get comfortable with that, move onto wearing mismatched earrings. If you have multiple piercings in both of your ears, you can play around with wearing mismatched earrings more. For inspiration regarding this, look up pictures of stage outfits worn by K-pop stars. Their stylists are extremely creative with it and a lot of K-pop idols wear earrings this way very often.

Belting the right way
We’ve all dealt with belts that come a few sizes too big – especially those of us who are petite but still like big and heavy belts. One way to wear such belts (without making an extra hole) is by inserting it into the buckle just like you would normally and then inserting it around the part of the belt that is connected to the buckle. If done neatly, this looks like a bow.

If this look doesn’t work for you, then you can also use the long bag straps (that are used to hang your bag across your body) as your belt. This works especially well with dresses – just adjust the length of the belt and fasten it around your waist. To use bag belts with bottoms, pick ones that are wider because thin and narrow belts get a little uncomfortable if you wear them for a long time. You could also get long (or short depending on your preference and the measurement of your waist) chains – not the real metallic ones but light ones made from plastic that are used as accessories – and insert that through your belt loops and tie it at the front.

Sock it up
Socks are usually ignored as insignificant and hidden clothing items that don’t add much value to your outfit. But you can actually have a lot of fun with styling quirky socks with your outfit. For this, ditch socks that end lower than your ankle altogether. Opt for longer socks with interesting patterns and designs and pull them up (after you put them on) as much as possible so that they stick out from your shoe. For a tamer approach, buy the same style of socks (that don’t have outlandish patterns) in two different colors and couple two individual socks (one from each pair) together when you wear them.

In the summertime, you can also show off your collection of quirky socks by wearing them under strappy sandals and slippers. One thing to keep in mind while styling socks is to either wear them with simple shoes in neutral colors or to match the color, design or details of the socks with that of the shoes.

Get creative with scarves
Another accessory that is commonly overlooked that could lend so much character to your outfit is a scarf. Scarves are very versatile and can be used in a lot of ways. You can wear thin and narrow scarves as another substitute for belts. They can be tied around your head as a bandana. If the scarf is too long, you can simply let its ends hang after wrapping it around your head and tying it at the back (of your head), or wrap the whole scarf around your head multiple times and tuck the short ends into the wrapped layers.
Scarves can also be tied (not just wrapping but tying and knotting) around your wrist or neck as an accessory. Use smaller ones that have interesting patterns but still match the color of your outfit for this to work.

Other ways to style accessories unconventionally:
Add metallic hoops (that are worn as earrings) to your braids. This works best with smaller braids and will add an edge to your look.
Just like socks, you can also pair shoes (of the same design) in different colors together and wear them. If that sounds too outlandish, just swap the shoelace of one shoe and insert a colorful shoelace in its place. This doesn’t look unusual but you’re still adding an unconventional twist to your outfit.

Tie a pretty patterned scarf on the handles of your monotone bag to give it a burst of color. 
Layer on multiple necklaces (with or without pendants) when you are wearing a plain top. But make sure you match the metal tone of the neckpieces else it can look a bit all over the place. 

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