Elected representatives, govt employees visiting Kerung up

Published On: December 19, 2018 10:16 AM NPT By: HIMNATH DEVKOTA

RASUWA, Dec 19: The number of people's representatives and governmental employees visiting Kerung has increased in the recent days. According to the District Immigration Office, Rasuwa, all of the elected representatives and governmental officials stationed in Rasuwa in the recent years have visited Kerung.

The immigration office has issued 475 one-day passes to people's representatives or governmental employees in the last 11 months. According to the office, there were 45 passes issued on January, 34 on February, 31 on March, 36 on April, 37 on May, 39 in June, 41 on July, 38 in August, 50 in September, 42 in October, and 82 in November. 

Only the residents of Rasuwa are to be issued the 'China Pass” for entrance to China. The government employees and people's representatives can stay up to 24 hours in Kerung with their one-day passes.

According to immigration officer Bishnu Gharti, the people's representatives and government employees are generally issued the one-day passes after they produce their identity cards. 

“We have seen the number of people coming to Kerung has increased in the recent days,” he said, “They have been entering Kerung to access the situation there.”

Chief District Officer (CDO) of Rasuwa, Krishna Paudel, told Republica that a meeting held at the Ministry of Home Affairs a few days ago has decided to request the Chinese government to allow all of its citizens to enter China through Rasuwagadhi border.

The governments of Nepal and China had signed an agreement regarding the movement of the residents of the border area on January 14, 2012, which allows the residents of Rasuwa to reach up to 30 kilometers into China from the border.

The immigration office in Rasuwa has been renewing the cards of the people living in the border areas of Rasuwa on a regular basis. Altogether 9614 residents of Rasuwa have already received the annual entrance card provided by the Chinese government.

Pass distribution now monitored strictly
While the number of people's representatives and governmental officials entering China via Rasuwa has been increasing in the recent months, the immigration office has been strictly monitoring the distribution of passes to ensure that they do not get into the hands of people other than the residents of Rasuwa.

A resident of Rasuwa is identified with the ownership of a piece of land and a house in Rasuwa where their families live.

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