Effect of 'Nairobi Fly' in Nepalgunj

Published On: July 10, 2022 12:35 PM NPT By: GANESH BISHU

NEPALGUNJ, July 10: Even in Banke, skin problems caused by the insect called 'Nairobi Fly' have started appearing in people. In the last few days in the Terai districts including Banke, the insects, also known as Kenyan insects, have been found to cause skin sores due to the acidic substances released by them.

According to a dermatologist working at Bheri Hospital, Dr RK Jha, about half a dozen people reached the hospital on Friday saying that they had contracted the disease due to the insects. Also known as the Kenyan fly of the fly genus, these insects have slender but long bodies. These orange and black insects are found in areas with heavy rainfall. They are attracted by light. These flies usually destroy crops and eat insects. Although these flies do not bite or sting, if people try to remove such insects sitting on their skin, the insects release a powerful acidic substance, which burns the skin. The acidic fluid that comes out of this insect can cause abnormal skin irritation, burns or sores.

According to Dr Jha, the skin dries out within 24 to 48 hours of the onset of the problem. If the toxin is more spread in the body and there is fever, nerve pain, joint pain or vomiting, then treatment is necessary. Dr Jha said that the 'Nairobi Fly' may have come to India and Nepal due to climate change, but there is no need to panic as we already have other similar insects. He said that such a problem has been seen before during the rainy season. To avoid the effects of flies, he suggested wearing full-sleeved clothes, sleeping under mosquito net, putting a net on the window sills,  applying insect repellent on skin when going out, and going to the nearest health center in case of contracting the disease.

Chief of the Health Office, Banke, Dhir Jung Shah, said that no information has been received so far about the impact of the insect in Banke. However, he said that they would request the health department in the municipality to keep this issue in mind and monitor the situation closely.

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