Banke becoming centre for medicinal herb farming

Published On: January 22, 2020 01:50 PM NPT By: RSS

BANKE, Jan 22: Banke district is seeing the sprouting of commercial farming of medicinal herbs with the government proposing the district for commercial farming of medicinal herbs. Of 30 types of medicinal herb species prioritised by the government, 12 types are recommended for commercial farming in Banke.

The medicinal herbs grown by the local farmers include asparagus, amala and mentha. The government has prioritised species of local medicinal herbs. "Exotic medicinal herbs can also be grown, but they may decrease production of local ones," said Sunil Kumar Acharya, chief of the Botanical Garden, Banke.

Selection of exotic and new types of medicinal herbs involves a rigorous scientific study, he said, adding that instant production is needed as per demand as medicinal herbs cannot be stored for a long time.

The government has established a botanical research centre in Nepalgunj with the aim to protect and conserve near-extinct medicinal herbs, carry out an ethno botanical study and distribute benefits of medicinal herbs to local people. Production and sale of medicinal herb saplings are being done from the centre where farmers can purchase medicinal herbs seedlings.

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