Easing into spring

Published On: February 1, 2019 08:12 AM NPT By: Anweiti Upadhyay

Dressing for extreme weather seasons like cold winter or hot summer is pretty easy. It’s the times in between when we struggle to get dressed properly but it comes really easy for Ashim Ranabhatt. The 20-year-old model, stylist, and sub make-up artist is also a second year Fashion Designing student at Namuna College of Fashion Technology.

Here, she gives The Week her top five tips for dressing stylishly while transitioning into spring.
Avoid thick fabrics
While wearing thick and heavy clothing works in our favor during winter – because one thick clothing item will protect us from cold more efficiently than a few layers of thinner clothing – it’s better if you stay away from bulky pieces of clothing as the weather gets warmer but there’s still a nip in the air. Even though it might be pretty cold in the morning, by the time it’s noon you will most probably start sweating in that thick double layered coat. So, instead of wearing one super chunky outerwear, wear a lot of thin layers so that you can take them off if it starts feeling a little warm during the day. But wearing a lot of layers can make it uncomfortable for you to move, especially around the underarm area. So, a quick tip that you can use while layering is to wear fitting and body-hugging clothing pieces first and add loose and baggy clothes over those.
Wear pastel shades
If there’s one thing spring is known for, that’s pastel colors. So, as we’re nearing this season, why not fill our wardrobe with clothing in these shades of color? This year, a lot of big fashion houses have also adopted pastel colors into their Spring Summer 2019 collections with Stella McCartney releasing the coolest loose silk suits in pale pink, Rodarte putting out their whole collection in pastel colors, Richard Malone unveiling some very creative silhouettes in pastel blue, and Alexa Chung designing chic full length leathery dresses in pastel hues. Interestingly enough, one of the hottest beauty trends predicted by beauty forecasters of the upcoming season is pastel hair. Everyone from Lady Gaga with her periwinkle locks to Noomi Rapace with her pastel pink hair has jumped on this bandwagon. So, if you want to incorporate pastel into your look in a more dynamic way, color your hair in pastel shades.
Pick up a fur piece
A lot of people are hesitant to wear fur during spring and late winter. While it’s true that real and authentic fur is very warm and might not be the fabric you think of for warmer weather, you can still incorporate it in subtle ways into your outfits without suffocating in it. Fur is one of the most stylish fabrics that take your look from zero to a hundred real quick. So, adding even a small detail of fur will complement almost any outfit you wear. Fur was one of the biggest fashion hits during the Autumn Winter 18-19 season, so incorporating it in little ways will be a good way to bid this trend goodbye. Faux fur is also a popular fabric in Kathmandu these days. So, if you are an animal lover and have sworn to never pick up fur clothing, you can incorporate faux fur into your ensemble. Also, faux fur is a lot lighter and suitable for warmer weather than real fur.
Go for a sporty or grungy vibe
Athleisure is slowly getting popular among fashion enthusiasts globally. So, for a trendier take on late winter or early spring styling, try to make your looks more sporty or grungy. If you aren’t familiar with the term athleisure, it represents casual clothing that can be worn while exercising and then can double up as daily wear. Athleisure embraces being comfortable and relaxed in all form – that is actually the basic concept of this type of clothing. So, pick out any clothing that makes you feel comfortable and unrestricted for this look. Just make sure you incorporate at least one piece that is workout (or exercise) friendly. There are also pieces that aren’t necessarily considered athleisure coming out these days with the addition of the thin ‘athletic stripe’ that take the whole athleisure mode to a different level. So, if you’re not very fond wearing loose clothing, you could opt to wear those pieces to look sporty.
Accessorize smartly
Accessories are probably that one thing that make the most boring outfit pop like it is the most fashionable style. So if you carefully incorporate them to complement your outfit, you can appear quite put together with minimal effort. This is easier to do during late winter/early springtime because you don’t have to worry about covering yourself up fully to protect yourself from the cold but you can still wear winter staple accessories like caps, hats, and scarves. So utilize this advantage to the fullest and incorporate accessories into your outfits every day. Also, accessories needn’t just be limited to scarves and caps. You can also incorporate stylish jewelry, bags, shoes, and belt to enhance your outfit.

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