Early preparedness saves Biratnagar metropolis from inundation this monsoon

Published On: August 14, 2023 12:30 PM NPT By: RSS

BIRATNAGAR, Aug 14: Although it's been raining cats and dogs in Biratnagar for some days, unlike in the past, there has not been any cases of inundation in the city this monsoon, thanks to the timely actions taken by the local government against the monsoon-induced disasters.

The Biratnagar Metropolitan City (BMC) in Morang district repaired and maintained the sewers and canals prior to the arrival of monsoon. As a result, the places that would be submerged in the past are spared inundation this rainy season.

The people in BMC are elated with this welcome change. Arjun Subedi, a local resident of Janapath, said that they did not suffer inundation related problems due to the BMC's timely action.

Krishna Prasad Bhandari Marseli, a local resident as well as national president of the Consumer Awareness Campaign Nepal, opined that the massive clean-up drive of the sewers and canals by the BMC within its area helped avoid inundation related problems this year.

He admitted that Biratnagar looked cleaner and more beautiful compared to the past. He explained, "In the past, the shopkeepers used to encroach upon the pavements with their products put on display. It caused sheer inconvenience to the pedestrians. But now we can walk freely."

Marseli assessed that parking in public places has been managed well. The mayor, deputy mayor, as well as the newly elected people's representatives are filled with the spirit to deliver well.

The BMC initiated a clean-up drive in mid-February. Most of the roads here used to be water-logged in monsoon since the sewerage and canals used to be blocked by dirt, dust and pollutants, while the local river and rivulets would be swollen.

Public Forum's President Uttam Dhungel observed that it occurred to them that the BMC was excellently doing its job. According to him, the BMC has delivered well on sanitation, electrification, management of parking, ban on tobacco products among others, apart from executing early preparedness for disaster risk reduction. The local public are all praises for these undertakings, he added.

He said that the BMC should expand its scope of works. "The way the metropolis has been delivering and the public are acknowledging it; it's certainly a good start. But the BMC should not be limited to these works only."

Civil society leader Ram Babu Dahal shared that the capable team led by the able leadership in the BMC has been delivering reliable public services and they were feeling the wind of change. "The electrification campaign is another welcome deed. Sanitation is paid due attention. The BMC is delivering diligently and in detail. The mayor seems to have the attitude of immediately addressing the public's problems."

Ganesh Prasad Pokharel, a local resident of ward no 5, said there have been reforms in the services delivered by the BMC's subordinate offices since Nagesh Koirala assumed the role of BMC mayor.

According to Pokharel, prompt service delivery from any subordinate offices is one of the reforms witnessed by the locals since the appointment of the new leadership last November. "Nagesh Koirala has kept up with the public's trust and expectations. I am confident he will manage to keep up with the public’s trust in him."

He narrated that the locals used to face a lot of troubles while availing services from the Department of House Mapping in the BMC subordinate bodies. It is no longer the case, he gushed.

Shankar Shah, a garment trader in Gudri Market of Biratnagar, expressed his happiness over the effective execution of a ban on tobacco products. Although he recently quit 'gutkha' after consuming it for a long time, his son was addicted to it. With the ban coming into effect strictly within the BMC, his son gave up on the consumption which, he divulged, made him the happiest person.

The consumers' behavior has undergone a positive change lately with the implementation of a ban on the sale, distribution and consumption of tobacco products and cigarettes in public places, said Som Magar, a local tea seller.

According to him, the consumers used to wantonly indulge in tobacco products or cigarettes prior to having tea in the morning at his shop. He noticed improvement in the consumers' behavior after the enforcement of the ban.


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