Dr KC refuses medication

Published On: July 10, 2018 07:05 AM NPT By: Devendra Basnet/DB Budha

JUMLA, July 9: Senior orthodontic surgeon Dr Govinda KC, who is on a hunger strike in Jumla since the past 10 days, is refusing medication despite his deteriorating condition.

Dr Praveen Kumar Giri, who is involved in Dr KC’s treatment, confirmed that he has refused to take glucose saline. 

“Due to extremely low level of sugar in his body and resulting health complications, we were preparing to give him glucose but he refused,” he said. Instead of glucose saline, KC has been given IV fluids. 

Just a few days ago, KC had also refused the service of doctors sent by the government from Kathmandu to attend him. He has stated that no action of the government other than addressing his demands for medical education reforms is important.

According to Dr Giri, serious complications have been observed in Dr KC’s heart. “He has very low magnesium in his blood and this causes imbalance in the heartbeat. This is dangerous because low magnesium could cause the heart to stop.”

Doctors said KC is experiencing extreme chest pain. Likewise, they informed that low level of white blood cells in KC’s blood could expose him to the risk of infection. Currently, he has been shifted into special care unit to avoid the risk of infection. 

 Dr KC has put forth a seven-point demand, including endorsement of Medical Education Ordinance Replacement Bill by parliament without making any changes to it. He has explicitly expressed that he would not break his fast-unto-death until the government fulfills his demands.

“I will not return to Kathmandu unless the seven-point demands are fulfilled. Even if it leads to my death, I’d rather die here in Jumla,” said KC. 


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