Dispute between Tikapur Mayor and Deputy Mayor surfaces as they announce achievements separately

Published On: September 2, 2022 05:45 PM NPT By: Yogesh Rawal

TIKAPUR, Sept 2: There is a dispute between the mayor and deputy mayor of Tikapur municipality. The dispute became public after both of them announced their achievements of 100 days separately.

Mayor Ramlal Dagoura Tharu announced 17 points on September 1 and Deputy Mayor Khadak Bahadur Shah announced 15-point achievement on August 30 using the letterpad of Tikapur municipality. Both of them have similarities in some points of their achievements. This indicates clearly that there is a conflict between the mayor and the deputy mayor.

Both have won from different parties. Mayor Dagoura won from the Civil Liberation Party while Deputy Chief Shah belongs to CPN Maoist Center. Mayor Dagoura joined the Civil Liberation Party after defecting to the CPN (Maoist Center) just before the local level elections.

Meanwhile, the mayor and deputy mayor have claimed that there is no such dispute. Mayor Dagoura said that the message has been sent to the citizen level to reflect the controversy. He said that the deputy mayor had forgotten his duty and failed to understand the system. “He should have understood the system. I don’t know if he didn’t understand or didn't want to understand," he said.

Mayor Dagoura said that he felt that the deputy mayor was being guided by political considerations. He mentioned that if the deputy mayor had done such a thing in his absence, it could have been considered natural. 

Similarly, Deputy Mayor Shah said that it would send a good message if the achievements were announced jointly. He said that due to the lack of coordination from the mayor, he made public the works that were carried out under his leadership.

"There was no initiative from the mayor to have such coordination," Deputy Mayor Shah said. There is no other way around it. He said that since his priority is a matter that needs to be addressed politically, it should also be understood naturally. After the dispute between them became public, criticism started at the civil level.

It seems that the dispute between the mayor and the deputy mayor will also affect the functioning of the municipality. There is also a big dispute among the employees in the municipality. In the last five years, some works could not be completed due to disputes among employees. The conflict between the mayor and the deputy mayor has increased the possibility of further dividing the employees.

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