Dharan sub-metropolis proposes to allow lounge and bar to open till 2AM

Published On: September 9, 2022 07:45 PM NPT By: Rohit Rai

DHARAN, Sept 9: Dharan sub-metropolis has proposed to allow hotels of special nature (lounges and bars) in Dharan to open till 2AM if they fulfill the specified conditions. Although this proposal was presented in the executive meeting of Dharan metropolis on Thursday, it has not been passed yet.

According to Deputy Mayor Aaindra Begha, a committee has been formed to add the things missing in the standards and submit a report within a week in coordination with the parties concerned. He said that a monitoring committee has been formed under the coordination of Ward Chairman Ramesh Rai to take further advice and submit a report in coordination with the concerned parties after discussing the proposal presented with criteria.

The committee formed by the executive will give a report within a week in coordination with the administrative and business people. If there are issues that need to be added to the standard, it will also be covered, and based on that, it will be improved and passed in the next meeting," said Begha.

In the proposal presented in the executive meeting, there are different standards to be followed for lounge and bar and hotels and restaurants of a general nature. It is mentioned that the lounge and bar can be opened till 2AM at most. Such hotels should install security cameras for the safety of customers, provide private or separate parking, sound proof, provide identity cards to employees and bouncers, and not allow customers to consume too much alcohol.

After this proposal was submitted to the executive, the hoteliers who have been demanding the night market are happy. The businessmen of Bagarkot located in Ward No 15 of Dharan have been demanding this. Lounges and bars have been opened in Bagarkot, with an investment worth millions of rupees.  However, citing security reasons, the police closed at 10PM.

The businessmen had been demanding that they be allowed to open till late night after making security arrangements stating that they are bearing loss. Similarly, the businessmen of Dharan 10 Putaliline have also been demanding night markets. The elected ward chairman Bivek Rai had also put the agenda of running the night market in his election agenda.

It is not possible to allow lounge and bar open till 2AM: Police

In the executive meeting, there was a proposal to allow lounges and bars to open till 2AM. However, the police responded that it is not possible to implement it now. 

DSP Buddha Shrestha said that due to the lack of manpower and the increasing instances of crime it is not possible to allow the hotel to open overnight. He said, "Nowadays, security challenges have increased due to various incidents and drug dealers. Therefore, it is not possible to open the hotel until 2AM.”

In Nepal, one policeman is responsible for the security of 416 citizens. Dharan has less than the required number of police personnel. According to DSP Shrestha, out of 162 policemen, only 60 policemen are deployed in the field. Other police officers are in kitchens, guards, case division, complaints, communication, etc., while some policemen have to go to the court on a daily basis, work in VIP security and in patrols.

“It can only be possible if the manpower is increased and the order comes from our higher authority. Otherwise, with limited resources, it is not possible for the police to work till 2AM and wake up at 5AM," said DSP Shrestha.


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